Do you remember when you realised it was all bulls£&t

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  • moley

    I remember when my faith left me. I used to enjoy meetings and used to participate but then all of a sudden I was finding myself bored shitless at meetings.

    I was taken off the theocratic ministry school for not attending when I was due to give a talk and not long after did something naughty and got disfellowshiped.

    I can remember my Jc one good elder ( who was a personal friend) one elder who made no comments and one really nasty all. I could think of was I wanted out. All this while I was dealing with severe mental health problems.

  • Finkelstein

    When the fear mongering was going on concerning 1975.

    If the GB were doing this corruptly and lying to people, I thought how could this be god's chosen organization, I expected it rather had to do with literature proliferation.

    I was right

  • Tameria2001

    The very moment I realized it was bull, I got so angry that I literally was seeing red. I let my emotions get the better of me, and threw all my watchtower literature in the trash. Something I later regretted, what I wished I had done with it was to give it to someone who could use them as a weapon against the organization.

  • I Faded Twice
    I Faded Twice

    Yeah....I think it was after my public approval announcement.

  • I Faded Twice
    I Faded Twice

    Reproval not approval.

  • smiddy3

    It was a long gradual process with me ,so many little things that just kept building up until I could no longer ignore it.

    Then just drifted away found sites like this ,honed in on this one and after about 15 years said bugger it i`m going to DF them .,so I sent in my DA letter.

    And here I am.

  • snugglebunny

    If you want to know what the 1975 fear-mongering was like, listen to Mark Carney doing his stuff on brexit. Just like the JW's, he hasn't got anything right yet. And he's the governor of the Bank of England.

  • Solzhenitsyn

    Me: Standing on the platform, about half way through the Memorial Discourse I was giving in 2017.

    Wife: At a meeting for FS with the CO present, looking around realizing no one really wanted to be there + seeing the effect on me of a child sex abuse committee I served on where the pedophile walked free.

    Of course the rabbit hole goes much deeper than this in both directions of waking up, but the above is the quick condensed versions.

  • eyeuse2badub

    January 1, 1976! And yet it took me another 30 years to just say fu*k it!

    just saying!

  • FreeFallin

    September 2001 (?) when the UN story broke.. I walked around in a fog for weeks. How could they do this after everything that was drummed into my head for 20 years. As others said here at the time, it was like finding out your spouse was cheating on you.

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