Do you remember when you realised it was all bulls£&t

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  • dynamiterose77

    I was doing research for a paper when I was in college. I had already been feeling weird about it all for various reasons (I HAD to go to college, no option, got shunned. I had been basically brushed aside my entire life because my dad wasn't in. I had creeping weirdness because of the whole "you can't get married if you die before the end" thing, and all the girls losing their minds to land a brother... I had been laughed at for answering as a child that Macbeth was inappropriate because of witches -yeah, silly, but I was in grade school and humiliated in public for something they taught me was bad, witches and the occult in entertainment... etc etc.) So, for my final I decided to write a paper about frauds and how to educate people against them. I picked up "An Encyclopedia of Claims, Frauds, and Hoaxes of the Occult and Supernatural" by James Randi at the library, and the floor fell out from under me when I was flipping through and found out about pyramids:

    Jehovah's Witnesses
    Charles Taze Russell (1852-1916) founded the religious sect now known as the Jehovah's Witnesses in 1872. While at that time there was much support for a theory by one Nelson H. Barbour that called for the end of the world to occur in 1874, Russell didn't come to accept that chronology until Barbour convinced him — after the dreaded date had already come and gone — that Jesus had actually returned — invisibly — at the named date. Barbour was the one who had made the false prediction, and he tried to justify it with a “spiritual” fulfillment.

    One of Russell's strange preoccupations was inventing correlations between historical events and the measurements of the Great Pyramid of Giza. In common with Flinders Petrie and many other fans of Great Pyramid lore, Russell “discovered” hundreds of seeming links that he said showed the divine nature of the Pyramid as a history book and prophetic document which could only be properly understood by an adept.

    His analysis, published in 1891, called for the resurrection of all mankind and the end of the world — again — to take place in 1914. Though there were some defections from the Jehovah's Witnesses sect when 1914 arrived and passed, the religion has survived and now prefers not to discuss their founder's odd Pyramid notions. Their most recent calculation called for the world to end in 1975.

    As the millennium approached, the Witnesses were busily knocking on doors, trying to convince prospective converts that world conditions were getting worse and that obviously the End Time was approaching.

    Shortly after reading that a girl I knew as a small child on up, was impregnated by an MS. She was 15, she was punished. He was not. Then her friend, an elder's granddaughter, also got pregnant... she was congratulated. And I was done.

  • flipper

    Indeed I do. When the elders called me into a back room falsely accusing me with committing immorality with a female worker who was seen in public having coffee with me at Starbucks on a break from work , after my split with my non-JW wife. Someone ratted me out to the elders from the congregation because I was seen having coffee with my worker at Starbucks. Elders asked me weird questions like " did you fondle her breasts ? " And " Did she touch your penis " ? Right out of the blue. Freaking weird.

    Of course I told them " No. " I told them, " We'd never do that at the table. It would offend customers . We had the courtesy to go into the restroom ! " LOL.

    Just joking. I didn't say that. The questions were so stupid- I FELT like saying that. But at that time I had only been back attending meetings for a year and a half after the 9-11 attacks after being out of the organization about 4 years . I thought to myself " Is this the way I deserve to be treated after paying all of my dues, where these elders are trying to drum up false charges against me that are obviously a crock of shit , after I suffered so much ostracism before while I was out ? " I decided that there was no such thing as " holy spirit " appointing elders and it was all BS designed to control us. So I left the back room meeting, went to my chair before the meeting at the kingdom hall, picked up my books and walked out the KH door forever, never going back. That was my awakening, my epiphany over 15 years ago. Finally freedom at last. Freedom of mind is sweet. Wish I had awakened earlier, but we awaken when we awaken. Peace out, Mr. Flipper

  • cha ching
    cha ching

    When I read the Oct & Nov 2011 WT articles on 607. One extra tiny paragraph said (paraphrased) 'There are business tablets with dates on them (moon/ a star/ who is ruling) from the Babylonians for almost every day. If you go by the business tablets, Jerusalem was destroyed in 587 BCE"

    I thought, "Damn! Why does the Society bring up these stupid stone tablets from hundreds of years later, and say "oh, they are cracked, and can we be sure? and let's go by what the Bible says" when the Bible has NO dates, and the only way you get 'dates' is by using historical items.

    Here are these business receipts, day to day receipts from THE DAYS OF THE BABYLONIANS.

    607 = wrong

    1914 = wrong.

    1919 = wrong

    Society = a liar and numerologists. They manipulate numbers to say what they want them to say.

    I had no loyalty, no love, no nothing left. Everything was black and white. Gone.

  • Phizzy

    I was reading the Book of Daniel one day, without " JW Org" Specs on, and realized that 1914 could not be extrapolated from the book, or any other Scripture. Then the whole JW teaching fell down like a House of Cards.

    No 1914 = No 1919 "choosing" of FDS = The Governing Body are self appointed Charlatans.

    I then took some months of intense study to make sure it was ALL bullshit, and guess what ?

    IT WAS !!

  • All or nothing
    All or nothing

    I remember sitting at the mid week meeting and the book study was about universal sovereignty- sorry, I don't know what book is was from but all the literature is peppered with this info, so the exact reference not necessary in this case. I was actually having a critical thinking moment and did not agree at all with the reasoning about why human suffering needed to happen and continues to need to happen. Then I realized in that moment the carrot that continues to dangle honest hearted Jws is just not true...

  • Vidiot
    cha ching - "...Society = liars..."

    It takes a while for some of us to get to that point.

    Hell, it was years before I felt comfortable just using words like "mistaken" or "in error", let alone "wrong" or "lied".

  • Gorbatchov

    Remember the 1995 generation change. After that I read the Ray Franz books. It ended my believe. Since 2008 faded with wife.


  • Bill Covert
    Bill Covert

    1984 when the Wt said "we would be preaching to the sons and daughters of those sighing and groaning in Ezk ch 9".

    I knew the church was going to deceive over 1975 and Matt. 24:34 was headed down the tube.

  • Farmer Jim1
    Farmer Jim1

    For me it was when the music started to change around 2010ish I think. Instead of the standard simple piano tracks they started to introduce more emotional and varied music. I didn’t fully understand why they did that at first. What was wrong with the old style music. But then slowly realised that organisations use music to manipulate emotions. If you can’t keep people in and attract them with logic do it by creating music that pulls at their emotions. People used to talk after the meeting ‘wasn’t that new song wonderful?’ I used to tell them what I really thought, that I didn’t like most of the new music and preferred the more solemn and simple piano tracks. Guess what? I was soft shunned for not liking the new music. Must have been new light

  • stan livedeath
    stan livedeath

    as a kid i knew it had to be right because we ( the family ) was in it. then it dawned on me that was no reason.

    i left school as soon as i could--went pioneering because i was guilted into it by DO Drage at an assembly. subsequently i realised i was only in it to please others. i did not believe in god and couldnt care less what the bible was supposed to be telling me.

    by then i was trapped in a loveless marriage to a born in fanatic with a crazy mother dub.

    i hated the cult and wanted out. i finally resigned when i was 23.---and have no regrets.

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