Baby it’s cold outside...Is That Song Offensive To Ypu?

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  • Simon

    It's a beautiful song and the two parts go together brilliantly, great lyrics overlapping to great music. I like the Dean Martin version best.

    People who claim it's offensive are petty minded fools actively looking for things to be offended at while wilfully turning a blind eye to real massive abuses in the world.

  • LV101

    Baby It's Cold is a great old classic -- I bought it again on iTunes to make sure it didn't disappear.

    The xmas clipboard nazi are also against Santa Baby -- love that song, too - Eartha Kitt did the original, I think. The lyrics are great -- these fools who try to ruin the best xmas music need to get a life -- or a xmas list like in Santa Baby - sounds perfect to me!

  • Doctor Who
    Doctor Who

    I tell everyone who finds it offensive to think it's about pizza and beer. Actually....

  • em1913

    I've got a lot of experience with the music of the 1930s-40s, and frankly it's not one of my favorites. It's one of Loesser's lesser -- a retreading of "Two Sleepy People," which is a better melody with better lyrics. If people don't like it for other reasons, that's their business. If people don't like that other people don't like it, well, life is just such a burden, isn't it? By the way, in what way is it a Christmas/holiday song? Skeevy men at parties know no season.

  • VIII

    I like that song.

    I love rock and roll from the 60s to now. Listening to some of the lyrics from some of my favorite songs makes me blush. Now. I didn't care then and I can sing every verse in the car as I drive along.

    If anyone goes after every song (and they could), we will have no songs left!

    I won't even start on Rap and that genre. I've only heard a little, however, the #MeToo people need to look into that and perhaps start a campaign to clean that up.

  • breakfast of champions
  • steve2

    It is a shame that innocently lovely songs of yesteryear have been caught up in political anti-seduction rhetotic.

  • minimus

    I’m curious, is there anyone here that thinks. The song is offensive? So far I don’t see it.

  • LoveUniHateExams

    It is a shame that innocently lovely songs of yesteryear have been caught up in political anti-seduction rhetotic - indeed.

    Here's a thing that I find strange ... the Left has fought against repressive beliefs and laws from the 60s onwards, so that couples (or threesomes, foursomes, etc.) can engage in sex outside of marriage, a husband can watch while another guy has sex with his wife, oral, anal, dp, gay sex, lesbian sex, masturbation, porn. So long as everything is consensual, done in private, and doesn't involve animals or children, the Left is all for it.

    But, oddly, at the same time the Left also wants to micromanage every step of human relationships.

    So when a man compliments a woman on her appearance and the woman doesn't like it, all hell breaks loose.

    BTW, how many couples verbally give consent before engaging in each step of intimate activity?

    "Do you want me to perform oral sex on you, darling?"

    "Yes, please."

    "Do you want me to start doing it now?"

    "Yes, dear."

    "Ok, here we go ..."

  • em1913

    It's actually not something I hear anyone talking about -- except on cable TV and talk radio shows that I tune past as soon as I see that they're on, or in internet forum threads where people seem to be hypertrophically offended over the idea that anyone could possibly be offended.

    I don't really care about the song one way or another. It's very low on my personal radar, and as I said before, it's not even a song I particularly like. If someone finds it offensive, it doesn't bother me at all. If someone likes it, that doesn't bother me either.

    I do, though, have a problem with people who discount the idea that a woman might be offended by some beery scuzz hitting on her when she's not interested. Usually this comes from the kind of men who can't believe that any woman could possibly resist their masculine charms. Believe me, such men are highly resistable. This has nothing to do with "left" versus "right." It's just a matter of having no interest in assholes of any political stripe.

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