Is this a place for children?

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  • LB

    XW no way is this site the right place for a kid to be on. Chat is pretty bad at times.

    There are ways to control your kids access to sites, some of those parental control programs are supposed to work pretty well. I suggest anyone with children limiting their kids access.

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  • joannadandy

    Yeah chat can be downright nasty...especially when I am there...but I generally temper what I am saying when I am not in the company of friends, and try not to offend people that I don't really know. My friends however must be subject to my full on gutter mouth...aren't you all glad?

    If most people know that someone is younger, won't they clean up their act a bit? Most of us all have each other on messanger anyway...really dirty details can be whispered their if urgent flirting is needed.

    Each parent would decide. I don't have kids, but I don't think I would let my 12 year-old post here. On the other hand, reading some of this kids post, he/she sounds pretty mature.

    Simon is always after us to watch our language and trying to keep this a nice place for everyone. Maybe this will make people more aware of being good?

    I dunno.

    I just like to shout "EARMUFFS" when in the presence of small children. I have them so trained that they cover their ears and I can spew whatever filth I want.

  • Xena

    Interesting subject. I caught a LOT of flack before from people, to the point of being called an abusive parent because I allowed my daughter to start a thread looking for exJW kid penpals....even though it was all going thru my email...oh and I posted her picture on here

    This is a site for exJW's of all ages isn't it?

    But I will give you that the chat room can get out of hand at times, and most people have no way of knowing the age of the posters and if they should be more circumspect in their speech. Ultimately I would have to say it is for the parents to decide if their children are mature enough for the chat room....

  • xenawarrior

    Xena- I'm not talking about an occasional post or posting to find some penpals to establish some off board communications with- IMO, there is nothing wrong with that at all.

    I'm talking about children signing up and being actively involved in the board and being in the chat room. Both, again IMO are adult in nature as a whole. A 12 year old has no business being in a chat room with a bunch of adults at 9:30 at nite and the adults on the site shouldn't have to walk on any eggshells for them.

    There are much more age appropriate places for kids to hang out.

    Hell, I must really be a mean mom- my daughter isn't allowed on the phone after 9 pm on a weeknight, much less the computer.

    Just my opinion.


  • Utopian_Raindrops

    I can see you find your superiority over a 13-year-old funny…..

    No I wont call you names Xena…you are what you are….

    1 st of all now and again I have seen other kids post here…shytears is very young and has a “My Pretty Pony” for her avatar.

    If your pervert time was being encroached upon by a 13 year old…(Who will be starting collage by age 15 since she is so intelligent, could start sooner but I am making her wait) Then I do apologize.

    It is not like she hangs out in or was going to be hanging out in the chat room all the time.

    She just lost all the friends she has ever known since she was a baby and I thought this place a healing place.

    I thought this place some where were she could get some empathy and connect with people who went through what she has. I thought you all knew how cruel JW’s could be….but I was wrong your still as cruel as you were as JW’s.

    If this only a place for adults to come and act out perversion?

    As for the forum itself she was/is not aloud to just read or answer to any topic….I am here and she tells me the title I read it and give the red or green light.

    Here are the posting rules

    Posting GuidelinesTo ensure all users feel safe and keen to participate, please avoid:

    1. Insulting, threatening or provoking language

    2. Inciting hatred on the basis of race, religion, gender, nationality or sexuality or other personal characteristic.

    3. Swearing, using hate-speech or making obscene or vulgar comments.

    4. Breaking the law
    This includes libel, condoning illegal activity and contempt of court (comments which might affect the outcome of an approaching court case). You may post a small amount of third party material, but please help us to avoid breaching copyright by naming its author and publication. We are unable to investigate all third party material, so where possible, please provide a link instead.

    5. Spamming
    Please don't add the same comment to more than one forum.

    6. Advertising
    You can mention relevant, non-commercial websites as long as they support your comment.

    7. Impersonating or falsely claiming to represent a person or organisation.
    Please don't mislead other users by abusing our registration procedure.

    8. Posting in a language other than English.

    9. Invading people's privacy
    Please don't post private addresses or phone numbers, including your own. You may post email addresses so long as you make it clear who they belong to.

    10. Posting an off-topic comment.

    Forums may be moderated to make sure they stay friendly and welcoming, legal and relevant. We reserve the right to edit or delete posts at own discretion and without notice, which we consider to be unacceptable. If you repeatedly break these rules, you may be prevented from posting.

    I find there rules a ppropriate to my standards.

    It must be nice to have your life already together after leaving the JW religion but we DON’T…..

    I did not come on this forum pan handling as some have so you wouldn’t realize WE WERE RENDERED HOMELESS because we were JW’s……so my daughter is living with that….we stay with family who do not want us here…..helping out of obligation….they are family.

    When I was dissed she lost half her friends……when she started excepting the truth of the troof….she showed friends of hers from the bible and the insight book that all who took faith in The Christ were Christians…..they then shunned her!! She has no one except me and her sister and brother.

    When you and scooter were so cold and callous in chat asking my daughter why doesn’t she hang with kids her own age you should have realized why ….besides she told you and you still persisted…

    She’s bawling her eyes out now because not only can she not fit with JW’s which were her whole life….but ex’jw’s don’t care ether.

    People of all ages can be friends.....that is one JW belief that I always thought was good.

    My children get along with the smallest of children to the oldest of adults. I'm proud of them for that.

    My oldest daughter and I have been diligently recording talks of CO’s and DO’s….getting things ready to make a site…..we are hoping to have our own home by the end of April and were then going to get in touch with some of you people and try to make real friends for a change……

    But I really don’t want to come here any more……

    My children wont be here ether….

    Cause I am not a child but I really can’t take cruel people much anymore in my life….

    At least not if they are cruel to children..

    You clam to be of the over protective mom class….but I’d say you are of the Loves To Harass Little Children And Make Them Feel Less Then Human Class.

  • dottie
  • Uzzah

    I think a 14 year would have some refreshing perspectives on things and would appreciate hearing the point of view from that generation.

    That being said, chat as it currently exists, is not the place for a minor. It is patently obvious that some will not temper their speech even when they know a minor is present and some even resent the fact that they would have to do so. They ain't going to do it for active Witnesses and they ain't gonna do it for some danged kid 'who shouldn't even be here.'

    One current user here some years back at another JW board, 'cybered' with a 15 year old boy even tho she knew his age.

    It does raise the question, why or how does a religiously focussed discussion board end up being a venue more focussed on parties and sexual romps/flirtations. I am not saying these things are bad but is this really the place for them? Just thinking out loud.

    I agree it would be good for teens who are questioning to have a place they could talk. To those who might neglect or refuse to temper their chat, is it really that difficult to show some restraint when you know a child is listening? Just because we have the 'right' to do something, doesn't always mean it is the best idea to do so.


  • WildHorses

    Can't we just try to tone down the chat when the younger ones come in? I have no problem with that myself.

  • Robdar

    I think it is up to Utopian to decide whether this is a place for her child. She knows her daughter's maturity level. I trust her judgments since she knows her own kid.


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