Cotton wool jws

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  • charonsdog

    So, kids in the world don't know how or want to work hard. JW kids don't know how or want to work hard. So how are JW parents raising better kids than the worldly parents? And yes, JW kids tend to be so sheltered that they cannot cope with normal pressure when they grow up. They are doubly-screwed because they cannot get a good education that will allow them not to have to perform hard manual labor.

  • LongHairGal


    Yes, you are right that a JW kid would be doubly screwed because they didn’t get an education (which is necessary today to get just about any job).

    It is too bad that all those old timer JWs back in the day with the cushy lives who preached poverty for OTHER people are not around to help all these younger JWs today that they harmed with bad advice!

    These older JWs (who either came into the religion after they earned their pensions OR were married to a ‘worldly’ person) went to their graves after living a cushy life....This is the tragedy of the JW religion. Nobody is accountable for anything and many of the perpetrators are dead.

    I’m glad I never listened to these hypocrites and I’m sorry for anybody left there who bought their garbage and is now struggling to make a living later in life! Good luck to them.

  • zeb

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