Cotton wool jws

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  • zeb

    Well who and what made them what they are? ....Indeed.

  • purrpurr

    Yes I've met brothers in their 40s who are of this type, although I think they were the first generation like it. Simpering empty headed mummies boys who were incapable of forming an independent thought or opinion. In their family and congregation they were praised for being "respectful and sheep like" but in the real world utterly unable to function. Most of them ended up working for the family business or some such jw owned business. When they did have an experience were a worldly person wanted them to behave like a normal adult they always freaked out and went running back to mummy who of course soothed them and told them that it was all the fault of the bad worldly person!

    I agree, several lifetimes of repression, isolation and warped ideals have created this issue. The WT have brought it on themselves, they are reaping their reward in full!

  • vivalavida

    I guess they are the result of a type of helicopter parenting lots of universities have been complaining about.

    The problem is not limited to just JW Kids though, but it is more a general western society thing. So much so that even Jordan Peterson assigns one of his 12 rules for life to this, namely, his 5th rule "Do not let your children do anything that makes you dislike them".

    But as spiral mentioned, JW kids have a huge disadvantage on top of this for "striving to not be part of the world".

  • jwfacts

    Is it worse with JWs that have been homeschooled? I imagine homeschooling must inhibit a child developing many essential skills, except with the most diligent parents, and would be interested if there is any research into this.

    I did some laboring for a JW and he commented that he was surprised that I could work hard. From his experience, regular pioneers pioneered to avoid having to work.

  • Ray Frankz
    Ray Frankz
    he says that the parents of these young ones have kept them so sheltered from life that by the time they are of age to strike out on their own they are completely unable to cope socially, emotionally, mentally and that they have No practical life's skills or instincts of common sense or responsibility.

    OMG who could imagine this could happen? HaHaHa this top guy who gave the talk is an apostate now.

  • sir82

    A lot of JWs do home-schooling, even further isolating their kids from reality.

    A home-schooled JW going to Bethel directly after getting his GED or whatever they get? Oh yeah, that would be one seriously mucked up guy. Can you imagine if such a guy manages to last a decade or 2 at Bethel, and then tries to make a go of it in the real world?

    And/or if he gets married or, god forbid, has kids? The whole family would be beyond hope.

  • careful

    purrpurr, what a nice thread. Thanks. Some of the comments are choice:

    LHG: "the enforced stupidity I witnessed at the Kingdom Hall"—excellent. I've got to remember that one!

    PP: "Simpering empty headed mummies boys who were incapable of forming an independent thought or opinion" Love it.

    VVL: 'his 5th rule "Do not let your children do anything that makes you dislike them".'

    Yep, the GB is indeed reaping what they themselves have sown, though, of course, they would never admit it.

  • days of future passed
    days of future passed

    On the other hand, someone posted what it is like in BetHELL. I wouldn't want to work there either. They recounted the story of a young man that didn't want to be there but his parents refused to let him come home. He ran away once or twice I think. He eventually jumped off the roof.

  • sparky1

    "He eventually jumped off the roof." - days of future passed

    Yes, that was James Olson. He took his own life in 1973. His brother was one of my room mates at Watchtower Farms. Sad......sad.......sad story.

  • DesirousOfChange

    I don’t think the problem is just limited to JW‘s. Our society is frowning upon masculinity in boys/men. Can you remember when male movie stars had hairy chests? No more! It’s that smooth, feminine look that is in. Look at the young guys at the gym. Their whole bodies are shaved or waxed. Even the nether regions. A friend of mine is upset because both of his daughters are dating limp wrist fem guys that wear earrings in both ears. Both are “under-employed“, but don’t really want any kind of job that involves manual labor.

    Tom Brokaw wrote the book, “The Greatest Generation”, about the generation of WWII. I wonder if the young men and women of today could have won WWII. Of course the next war will probably be fought with weapons that are controlled like video games, so we may be in great shape after all.

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