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  • purrpurr

    There was a talk I heard recently given by a top bethel bro, he was complaining that the type of young jws that have been joining bethel in recent years has been totally unfit for work or even life. He called them "cotton wool jws" as he says that the parents of these young ones have kept them so sheltered from life that by the time they are of age to strike out on their own they are completely unable to cope socially, emotionally, mentally and that they have No practical life's skills or instincts of common sense or responsibility. He said that the brothers at bethel have to work at peeling off the layers of cotton wool these ones have come wrapped in and that often when exposed to the reality of life away from mummy they quite literally go running back home.

    For once I actually agree with a brother on the platform, I've met many a young teen or young adult whose life has been one long warm bath as it were. They have no knowledge of life outside the congregation and their own home.they can't cope with instructions, criticism or responsibilities. I'm sure their parents think they've done a wonderful job at protecting their child from the world. But in reality the poor child gets plucked out of that warm bath and thrown into a freezing sea and somehow expected to thrive!

    Have you encountered this? It seems to be a theme of the last decade that is getting worse.

  • stillin

    The going mantra is "good help is hard to find." The old guys on the construction sites can be seen doing the heavy work while the young bucks watch. Exertion is beneath them. Not all, of course, but the vast majority are afraid to actually do manual labor.

    The Bethel brother is a warm fuzzy bundle of love. My hat is off to parents who succeed in instilling an actual work ethic into their children.

  • sparrowdown

    I think this has been happening for a while because I spoke to a guy once who was in Bethel in the 80s and he said they were complaining about the newest batches of bethel boys all being "clones" as they called them, they looked and sounded the same amd were very "delicate" in constitution.

    So, it could only have become worse since then for sure.

  • LongHairGal


    It’s a sad commentary.

    This is the unfortunate end result of Witnesses being against higher education (and education in general) and secluding their children from society in general.

  • hybridous

    So these young folks are rendered exactly as the ORG has demanded them?

    That's how I'm reading it, anyways....

  • FedUpJW

    This /\ /\ /\ /\ /\

  • sparrowdown

    Yes the borg's very "best fear-based-life ever" creates impotent people.

  • humbled

    This cotton-wool comment sounds like a complaint l heard from a young brother who returned home from Bethel: “biggest problem is finding young guys who really know how to work hard. “ l believe he said they let some fellows go home because they couldn’t cut it.

  • Spiral

    I know many people are complaining about how the younger generation can't/won't work. This is true for the JWs as well, but with the added layer of ignorance and fear of the real world. If you keep your child living at home after school so they can pioneer, and keep them away from anyone who isn't a JW, and keep them away from any sort of higher education, how can you expect anything different? Why should the GB expect anything else from the drone population?

    This applies to a lot of JWs I see, and NOT just the young ones.

  • LongHairGal


    Yes, some older JWs can be inept as well.

    But, what I noticed was that the elderly in the congregation (now over 80 years of age) had experience in the ‘world’ in their earlier years...They came into the JW religion as capable people with work knowledge and a pension...

    The problem came afterwards..with the generation or so after them who were kept in ignorance as a “protection”. Mistake!! The fruitage of this is what the original poster is referring to. The Witness religion is a bad experiment and some will be more damaged than others depending on when they were born and who their parents were.

    I wasn’t raised JW but came in as a young working adult.. I was viewed negatively because of my job..I was baffled at the enforced stupidity I witnessed at the Kingdom Hall. Thankfully, I resisted this foolishness and am retired.

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