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  • blondie

    Ultimate Axion, I should have I was addressing the fact that Rutherford's name was added that during Rutherford's time his name was put on the book as author. After that time, 1942 when Rutherford died, the WTS no longer put an author's name on it. Anything written after was not attributed to Rutherford.

    Interestingly, the 7th book of the Studies in the Scriptures, called the Finished Mystery, was written after Russell died by 2 other Bible Students taking quotes from Russell's previous writings. It is a jumbled, confusing book.

  • vienne

    I did not mean to suggest Rutherford wrote Divine Plan. I was addressing the thought that Franz was 'ghost writer' for any of Rutherford's books.

  • blondie

    vivenne, I guess my comments were not clear. Up until Rutherford died, either Russell or Rutherford had their names on their works. Knorr was not a writer but a businessman, he had no desire to put his name on the publications. I'm sorry if I missed your point that most were ghost written by Fred Franz especially after 1942. (you could tell his hand in the matter, they were verbose, convoluted in explanation, and used complete quotations in the study articles). Not putting the names on the books did not stop the WTS of having other schemes to elevate those on the GB and at Bethel to godlike positions. I would always look for the "kiss the ring" type brothers.

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