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  • talesin

    Hello there! You've really been through the grinder, and good to read you.

    Things are really getting 'hot' for the organization. The chickens have come home to roost. Their cover-ups of the child sexual abuse are coming to light, and many court cases by victims world-wide.

    The Australian Royal Commission has brought this issue to the forefront of world news, and glad you have heard the news!

    Take care, and so great to 'see' you!



  • Lostandfound

    Thanks all for welcome

    Simon, no I never made a meet up here in UK, we did communicate about IT Programmers once, a topic close to your heart

    No more on my health except apologies for any future typos and this one funny story re long time in hospital

    when I was brought out of a coma I could not understand why all family sniggered and giggled when my lovely granddaughter came. Months later and when I finally asked my wife what was so funny, she told me that ever time my gd visited me whilst I was sedated in a coma the sound of her voice triggered something in me to try and speak I thought this was beautiful, until told that what I always did do was shout out for her to get out, in the most obscene speech using words I had never used and did not know, apparently all the grandchildren thought this hilarious and a sign of recovery, they even tried to record me once until stopped by their parents, I had never sworn in my life but the kids said Ihad got my foul mouth back. They still laugh but with me now, most beautiful sound is grandchildren bursting in the door shouting grandma or grandad, my children did not see me as a dedicated to Borg elder I was always at work or 'looking after flock' not as should have been looking after MY children

    Wing commander Yes I recall your posts always a joy to read

    will read posts avidly and post as I can

  • Petraglyph

    Hello Lostandfound.

    You won't know me either, but I can empathise to some extent as a dear friend of mine was diagnosed with a brain tumour earlier this year. He's had a gamma knife operation and we're still waiting to see if this has been successful. It's affected his hearing and eyesight and we don't know how that's going to go...

    Fortunately my friend is not involved with JW land so does not have that side to deal with, but it must have been horrible for you to have something like this compounded by your 'so called friends' not coming to visit. It really does show doesn't it?

    I thought your story about your swearing at your granddaughter was funny :)

    I wish you all the very best!


  • Beth Sarim
    Beth Sarim

    Hello lostandfound. I was registered here a few years back and was mainly a 'lurker' with only just a question here and there, but I"ve been posting more and more all the time. With the events in the Borg and stuff.

    Anyway, you've been through the ''mill'' apparently. I just want to say I wish you all the best, cheers and Good Luck!!!!

  • Dagney

    Oh my goodness...what you have been through! Welcome back and wish you continued progress.

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