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  • Lostandfound

    Been absent for more than 10 years as I have had surgery sand radiation etc for brain tumour. Was in ICU for 6 months and lost hearing in one ear, most of sight and physical disabilities. Was a member then just before Simon emigrated to US, he had lived quite near me in UK

    Forgotten previous login etc and my wife does not like computers although enjoyed forum as an ex JW

    Always enjoyed mouthy, blondie, mininimus, maximums and many others who I see are still around your comments always helped us I the past and I am sure you will still

    Sorry for typos cannot see keyboard very well

    Reading of WT retrenchment when I managed to get on site was truly heartwarming, cut cut and cut again nothing left soon How are bethelites supposed to cook etc Motive as always money

    SorrySimon for creating myself as anew member have no recall or previous stuff and laptop crashed when I was in hospital years ago, not much energy or faculties but congratulations on wonderful site as it was and as it is now Hope everyone is well and I look forward to reading posts regularly as I have an iPad bought for me by my grandchildren which I can use when bed bound.

    words can never express my and my wife's gratitude for all your comments Having shunned world I had no real friends to visit me in hospital for months and surprise surprise after decades of service NO brothers came or visited my wife

    Truly you know them by their deeds

  • jhine

    Welcome back Lostandfound , you won't know me but can I say how sorry I am for all that you have been through .


  • LoveUniHateExams

    Welcome again, Lostandfound.

    You won't know me either - I joined about a year and a half ago. It's good to see you communicating via the interwebs again.

    I hope your health picks up.

    All the best


  • slimboyfat
    Wow welcome back. Look what you've come through!
  • Finkelstein

    Welcome back LostandFound as to your comment ...Reading of WT retrenchment when I managed to get on site was truly heartwarming, cut cut and cut again nothing left soon How are bethelites supposed to cook etc Motive as always money.

    What has been evolving is the top tier of this organization are going to be living in a earthly paradise in Walkill NY and in the UK on brand new modern facilities. Their lifestyle will be one of being taken care of.

    How is this earthly paradise to happen is through expelling many to the curb and let the top people live on in comfortable secure retirement. Many elder JWS men for example do not have saved retirement fund ie. GB so the living availability obtained through the WTS's wealth is a desirable commodity.

  • stan livedeath
    stan livedeath

    hi--i'm in the UK--i was here before as bigmac--but couldnt log in after armageddon--so i started this new a/c.

    heres a link to lots of other UK ex's:

  • Simon

    Welcome back to the site and no worries at all about creating a new account!

    Yes, we finally jumped the pond but carried on the forum. Did you ever make it to any meetups while we were still over there?

  • JWdaughter
    Welcome back!
  • WingCommander
    Hey! I remember you! Welcome back!
  • under the radar
    under the radar

    Hello Lostandfound! We don't know each other, but welcome back. I'm so sorry for all you've gone through, but very glad to see that you've recovered enough the rejoin us here.

    Just a thought: if it's worth the effort to you, perhaps if you'd PM Simon with what you remember of your old log-in, threads you started or remember posting on, etc., he might be able to recover your old ID and posting record and merge it with your new ID. Or maybe you would choose to take up your old ID where you left off. Either way, reading your old posts might help with your memory issues and give the rest of us some context of where you're coming from.

    Regardless, welcome back! Looking forward to hearing whatever you want to say. Take care.

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