William Malenfant's appalling hate speech - latest morning worship video

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  • freddo

    Willie the Smellefant.

    To Bethel
    A traveling circus came
    They bought an intelligent elephant
    And Willie was his name.

    Willie the Elephant packed his trunk
    And said hello to the circus
    In he went with a trumpety-trump
    Trump, trump, trump

    Willie the Elephant packed his trunk
    And spouted off on jborg

    On he went with a trumpety-trump
    Trump, trump, trump

    Night by night
    He danced to the GB's band
    When Willie was leading the big parade
    He looked so proud and grand
    Lots of tricks
    For Willie to perform
    They taught him how to take a bow
    And he took the crowd by storm

    But the head of the herd was calling
    Far, far away
    They overlapped in the silver light
    On the road to Mandalay
    Willie the Elephant packed his trunk
    And said hello to the graveyard
    Off he went before the last trump
    Trump, trump, trump!

  • Brokeback Watchtower
  • steve2

    Bill uses a very old technique first discovered by humans millenia ago:

    If you want your special group to feel cool about the impending eradication of other groups, dehumanize, dehumanize, dehumanize those groups.

    The more you express hatred of other groups, the less disturbed you will feel about their hoped-for destruction. You will not resist the urge to rub your hands with anticipatory glee.

    This old man has had a lifetime of rehearsing hatred. He is not about to stop, but he will eventually stop. He will die one day and, if his work is to mean anything, others will carry on the work of hatred, perhaps using a bit more sugar as befits the current ethos. But it will remain at core hatred.

    Bill, like other older minions to the GB, live and breathe hatred of the world and its people. He ably models to rank and file JWs that hatred is an unrivalled protector against the contaminants of the nonJW world.

  • Londo111
    This shows the Governing Body is surrounded by lower tiers of men who are just as extreme as they, if not more so. When one Governing Body dies, they just draw another toxic individual from the pool to replace them.
  • Doubtfully Yours
    Doubtfully Yours

    Oh my God...!!!

    I heard the whole speech and what's worse.... agreed wholeheartedly with it. My feelings exactly about the state of morality nowadays.

    The vast majority of Millennials, etc., say stuff like "what is morality?", "what is right/wrong?"

    No apologies.


  • Londo111

    Overall, the morality of humanity has progressed significantly in recent times. At least, in comparison to what things were in past centuries. Humanity used to be steeped in superstition, ignorance and crime and bloodshed to a degree unimaginable in most of the developed world.

    Kids coming up today seem to get a better education about bullying, something totally ignored when I was coming up. In many ways, I wish I grew up in this generation.

  • Listener

    In general we have become more accepting and understanding of people with various backgrounds. This includes religion, race and disabilities.

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