William Malenfant's appalling hate speech - latest morning worship video

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  • pale.emperor

    Have you ever seen 19th century (or earlier) dental tools? Any dental problems and your choices were sheer bloody torture or dental rot and eating mush the rest of your life.

    And lets not forget what would happen if your appendix burst in the 1920s. If you're lucky you might get to a hospital within 30min and operated on and maybe survive. Today, it's keyhole surgery and you go home the next day.

  • 2+2=5

    It's blatant propaganda relentlessly promoted by the WTS.

    The end is so close.

  • Annon
    The 1952 1st December Watchtower said
    "But now, by occurrence of every detail of the great sign Jesus gave, we know that we face the imminent end of the present world system"
    Imminent = about to happen, give or take 65 years or so!

  • darkspilver

    A link would be good


    Or even some kind of transcript

    (caveat: I've not checked this transcript - but it might be useful for any not wanting or unable to watch the whole of the above video)

    you know there are many people today who
    say that we're not living in the time of
    the end they say the world is just as
    the same as it's always been
    there's no real changes that have taken
    place but of course we know they're
    deceiving themselves never before have
    so many people around the globe openly
    practice and flaunted sexual immorality
    and not just among themselves but
    they're seeing that it's brought into
    the homes by means of internet
    television and other means never before
    has man had the power to decimate entire
    populations by dropping just one bomb or
    by means of chemical warfare never
    before has there been such widespread
    lack of love of natural affection that
    results in the death of children it's
    interesting that some calculate that
    1 billion abortions have taken place
    since 1980
    that's really something
    just about the population of China if
    you can imagine and that is something
    that's accepted is commonplace in our
    day so some people think well things
    haven't changed but is that true no
    quite to the contrary and something else
    that we're fully aware of is that people
    around the earth are making a garbage
    dump out of the planet that we live on
    polluting the air the Seas the land
    and yet some still insists that things
    haven't changed now why is it why do
    people have that attitude well part of
    it lies in what the Scriptures tell us
    what Paul wrote at second corinthians
    four three and four and there it says
    the Satan blinds the minds of the
    unbelievers and the unbelievers are not
    just atheists the unbelievers are found
    throughout the churches of Christendom
    they don't believe really believe what
    the Bible has to say about prophecy
    about morality that God is really going
    to clean up this planet and is going to
    be a wonderful new world of peace and
    happiness and so to help people
    understand these things we go out and we
    preach we tell them about what Matthew
    24 says in mark 13 and Luke 21 and
    second Timothy three that we're living
    in the time of the end but there is
    something we have to remember if we get
    a little bit discouraged when people
    don't respond as we feel they should
    with all of the evidence that we see and
    we appreciate
    the Bible indicates very clearly that
    many people would not see the sign they
    would not accept what the Bible has to
    say and what's most interesting about
    that is that the people who ignore and
    who deny the sign that we're living in
    the time of the end are part of the sign
    themselves what they do and well the way
    they think turn to second Peter
    second Peter chapter three and we'll
    read verses 3 and 4 in the first line in
    verse 5
    second Peter 3 3 & 4 in the first line
    of verse 5 Peter wrote first of all know
    this that in the last days so this is
    something Peter is saying would happen
    during our time ridicule errs will come
    with their ridicule proceeding according
    to their own desires and saying where is
    this promise presence of his wife rum
    the day our forefathers fell asleep in
    death all things are continuing exactly
    as they were from creations beginning
    and then the reason for it is given in
    the next line for they deliberately
    ignore this fact well here the fact was
    they ignored the flood of Noah's day the
    fact for us today is that they ignore
    what the Bible clearly says or what
    Jesus said would be the sign of the last
    days so they don't realize it that
    they're part of the fulfillment what
    contributes to an unbelieving attitude
    well one of the things is what we could
    call as gradualism the watchtower of
    January 15 2014 paragraph 30 or page 30
    paragraph 11 stated the following it
    seems that the more familiar situation
    is the less people are inclined to pay
    attention to it a steady decline in the
    morality of society in general may seem
    less shocking than a sudden unexpected
    change in the behavior of a close
    acquaintance and then it says
    nevertheless this gradual decay of
    morality is dangerous and isn't it true
    that most of us have we were raised in
    an environment that was not so good they
    were immoral things taking place around
    us wars crime and so people get to the
    point where they accept it as normal and
    as it escalates it really doesn't
    impress upon him on them that no times
    have changed they're becoming far worse
    than ever before gradual decay of
    morality is dangerous it makes me think
    of an illustration about how to boil a
    if you heat up a pot and you have the
    water boiling and drop a frog into it
    what's going to happen he's out of there
    he's not going to stay that frog isn't
    stupid he hits the water and it's
    terribly hot and out he jumps but if you
    fill the pot with cool water drop the
    frog in and then gradually little by
    little you heat it up
    until it gets to the boiling point he's
    cooked and that's what's happening in
    the world today the gradualism is not
    perceived by people in the world but
    they're being cooked it's getting hot
    and so we know that wicked men are going
    to continue to increase imposters
    scoffing at the truth world conditions
    are escalating they're getting worse
    constantly but they're going to have to
    deal with the creator and his judgment
    and there's three Psalms I'd like to
    just mention briefly that I find very
    interesting to tie in nicely with the
    wickedness of the world in what jehovah
    will do psalm 10 verse 4 in his
    haughtiness the wicked man makes no
    investigation all his thoughts are there
    is no God
    Psalm 12 8 the wicked walk around
    unrestrained because the sons of men
    promote depravity that could have been
    this morning's headlines in the New York
    Times and the last Psalm 92 7 when the
    wicked sprout like weeds and all the
    wrongdoers flourish it is that they may
    be annihilated forever and to that we
    say Amen so be it
  • longgone

    @Doubtful, I like your idea to directly speak with Malenfant, though I find it unlikely they will put you through. Certainly worth a try.

    Shortly before faded, I called their headquarters to let them know how irresponsible one of their videos was. It was the one where they advised a depressed sister who said she had even considered suicide to remind herself that she is was integrity keeper and to repeat it over and over to herself. Wow. And of course, the usual pray to Jah about it. No mention of professional help.There was a thread some time ago about this.

    I don't recall if I spoke with just the brother who answered the call originally or if I was transferred. Nonetheless, I got a ridiculous rebuttal to my thoughts, yet I politely continued to explain the danger of the way they handled something so serious. Eventually, he agreed my point was valid, whether he passed it on or not I don't know.

    Hopefully, at the very least he may personally evaluate the contents of the meetings. Maybe they keep a record of incoming calls it would seem logical. But at least in my heart I did what I could, maybe you will feel the same.

  • sparrowdown

    Bro Malenfant aka Brother Malelovent.


    William Malenfant's appalling hate speech - latest morning worship video

    So he tries to prove that we are living in the last days without any evidence

    We`re living in this Old Farts last days.

    When he dies, a month later...

    No one will remember him, or his WatchTower BullShit.

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  • nowwhat?

    Why would anyone think this religion has any credibility when they have been saying we have been in the last days since the 1870's that's almost 150 Years folks!

  • ToesUp

    So he didn't mention how many have died since 1980 who did not take a blood transfusion.

    Just another ole doom and gloomer JW!

  • Brokeback Watchtower
    Brokeback Watchtower

    What a sad commentary this guy makes on a Watchtower Corporation indoctrination of fear and negativity toward the world one lives in. I betcha he suffers from some major phobias with that world view.

    He probably doesn't even consider how his bull shit must sound to the unindoctrinated or a psychiatrist or a lawyer for that matter,, his negativity would get him banned as an extremist in Russia(thank God, and may other countries follow this example for the good of the people).

    This guy is a nutty extremist some one please take away the microphone!

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