JWs biggest problem is not doctrinal issues

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  • sparrowdown

    I agree most JWs do not know or care about doctrinal discrepancies and inconsistencies. This religion has been slowly morphing into a venga bus fake love fest for some time now and if someone feels a part of that they will remain loyal to it unquestioningly.

    Gone are the days of the thinking JW that did things on principle and knew their bible and their religions doctrine and were capable of debating it.

    Witness 2.0 in 2017 and beyond is ideally for the GB as shallow intellectually as emotionally and leaves the thinking up to the GB and couldn't care less about doctrine or history or Jesus.

  • LongHairGal


    So, these bethelites wouldn't say hello to anybody who misses a meeting?..Well, I guess they never would have spoken to me back in the day since I worked full time and found it hard to make all the meetings, especially in winter months.

    I can only hope that these bethelites (and others who think like them) are among those kicked out of bethel and now have to earn a living in the big bad world! Their bad attitude and delusion cannot be tolerated by me.

    While I am sorry about the awful economy and the hardship caused to us all, I have no pity on arrogant bethelites who are or were not in reality that they were living on handouts from hard working people they had the audacity to criticize.

    Maybe some on the forum can feel sorry for them because that's supposedly 'all they know'. To each his own. I wish them good luck dealing with the world and that maybe a brother with a business will take a chance and hire them. This is a far more generous sentiment than I would have ever gotten from any of them.

  • HiddlesWife

    @LongHairGirl=> I agree with your comment also; you're always on point.

    Furthermore, I have noticed the very unfriendly/unaccommodating attitudes of special convention speakers from WHQ (no doubt Helpers) towards the R&F. When some of the R&F came over to congratulate and introduce themselves to them and their wives, these brothers and sisters were turned away. One speaker remarked that he was"really busy right now; will have to speak to you perhaps another time" and the like. These speakers acted as if the R&F was some sort of "botherment"/problem for any of the brothers and sisters to speak to them--and it's not like anyone was going to ask for their autograph or a selfie!. I've heard of famous celebrities at least giving some of their time to say hello to fans when he/she is traveling on a public street!

    So, this is reason why fully indoctrinated/PIMI JWs are the way they are: They are fully following the way the GB and their Helpers act and not the way Jesus Christ acted when he was here on earth!

  • Old Navy
    Old Navy

    Aye, that they are! Intense fear, a specialty of the WTBorg Inc., is an incredibly powerful motivator of behavior modification. A "religion" which preaches Fear to the flock; threatens the flock with "sanctions" should they deviate from the desired behaviors; enforces "sanctions" against those who are judicially declared to be "apostates" as well as the flock itself if any dare to deviate from the enforced "shunning" dictates. All the characteristics of a Dangerous Extremist Cult.

    Bravo to the Russians for having the courage to ban their harmful activities!

  • LongHairGal


    Thanks. This contemptuous attitude towards the Rank & File JWs (who have been contributing money to keep them) is just unreal.

    As time goes on and the remainder of the elderly JWs pass away (the ones with all the disposable income) there will be hardly any money contributed. Surely, the younger people struggling and all the ones with serious issues are not contributing anything! This spells bad news for anybody remaining at the various bethels! They can whistle Dixie.

    As I said in my previous post:..good luck to them in making a living in the REAL world like all the rest of us have been doing.

  • Toshibabadu
    I've been trying to respond to this post for the past hour... it's so much i want to say, too much, i could write volumes on how unloving this organization is. It's anything but love. If you're not a pioneer, elder, or MS ...YOU ARE A NON FACTOR. This isn't the message Jesus taught. But Jesus is sidelined too....so there you have it
  • waton

    If Love, philia, agape, storge, become a subject of wt doctrine, failure is sure to follow, as with all their dated emanations

  • shepherdless
    JWs biggest problem is not doctrinal issues


    if you compare ex-JW reddit to ex-Mormon reddit and ex-sda reddit, you will notice that ex-JW reddit has nearly TEN times the number of subscribers as the other two COMBINED.

    Why? Well each religion has dubious hidden history, and each religion has flawed theological doctrines that are unbiblical and wrong on close examination. I what makes JWs stand out is the appalling way it treats its adherents. Mormons and SDA do shun, but as far as I can make out, the shunning is not as regimented, absolute or enforced. SDA have also ceased excommunicating people about 20 years ago. Also, neither Mormons nor SDA kill adherents with arbitrary rules about permissible medical procedures. Mormons and SDA encourage education. And from memory, stats from the Aust Royal Commission, child abuse rates are half the rate, or lower, in the other 2 religions. What I am trying to point out is that those other two religions do make an effort to look after their adherents. The bOrg on the other hand has a history and culture of treating its adherents like dirt.

    I suspect that 95% of the reason sites like this exist is because of the way the bOrg treats people, not the bOrg's flawed theology.

  • tor1500

    Hi All,

    NO LOVE...maybe because some didn't come from Loving homes...so how would they know how to love if one doesn't come from that environment....you can't give something you never had or got...maybe some come from a home that only loves conditionally....that can be anyone's home...everyone does not come from a loving home where they were loved and nurtured...

    Why don't witnesses see The Truth ....why, because they are in the in-crowd, but if you experience what others are saying...then they see it....there is a saying ....It's the thief that screams the loudest.....Witnesses don't see the truth until their toes are stepped on....

    Many know of all the craziness going on in the org...it's on the internet and everywhere...& witnesses stay on the internet...always sending videos and feel good texts...most are losing hope but won't show it so they are immersing themselves...scared...because it may not be the last days...

    The org. is a social club for social misfits...they are afraid of the real world so they much rather be around folks that don't love instead of taking their chances and hang out with other people who aren't witnesses...it's called being balanced...

    I'm fortunate and came from a loving and supporting home...so when I got to the hall...I saw...they have no love in them...it's all a put on...


  • joe134cd

    Shepherdless = just off the top of my head. Xmormon reddit has way more subscribers than xjw. I think xmo has something like 40k and xjw has 15k-20k. I think the lds far surpasses the jws in unbiblical teachings.

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