Britain Branch Construction - UPDATE

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  • Beth Sarim
    Beth Sarim
    Of course they're going to keep that ivory tower in Warwick!!

    Perhaps it works like construction in the USA? They realized that their electrical service was not sufficient for all the ATM machines needed? Now they need to pull some permits and grease some palms?


  • prologos
    cantleavean hour ago

    LATEST......Chelmsford new redesigned branch

    ha ha ha. 1) better use of the cut logs than making paper to print quickly fading old light .2) looks like the earthy structures in 'panda paradise ' illustrations. 3) empty. prophetic? end-timers like the population reduced.

    In my country Bethalites have to be "employed" - the Labour Law does not recognise a Volunteer as being apart from the definition of employee and therefore being laid-off should constitute a Retrenchment and therefore subject to all the legalities protecting that situation - which should also involve a formal exiting process - which could be challenged in court. etc etc Most reasonable countries have similar labour laws.
  • Vidiot

    @ Afrikanman...

    Once again, "Satan's World" seems to be doing a better job looking after "Jehovah's People" than His own Earthly Organization...

  • millie210

    The height of irony and so true.


    Once again, "Satan's World" seems to be doing a better job looking after "Jehovah's People" than His own Earthly Organization..

  • BluesBrother

    That sister from the Essex area who posted local info on J W Talk has been adding another post. I have cut & pasted what she said. Of course I have no personal info, I won't be seeing anybody until at least the weekend but I am sure she said this in sincerity......

    "I'm sorry if anyone thought the letter read out at morning worship in Britain was confidential. I don't remember hearing anything about keeping it to ourselves for the time being, but I do apologise for leaking news if it shouldn't have been. Basically the new Britain branch won't be cancelled, it will be reduced in size though. For example, just next month they were planning on starting the building of a massive dining room for 300+ volunteers, but this has been either scrapped or put on hold. Things like tennis courts, gym and swimming pool are now not in the plans. There will just be reductions because, like you say, the less bethelites they plan to have, the less accommodation, dining space etc they will need. I think it's very positive news! If Jehovah wanted all this building work done wouldn't He be able to provide us the funds to complete it? If we don't have enough funds, maybe that's Jehovah's way of directing it so that more are sent to the field. These are momentous times we live in. If we just follow direction, even if it does seem a bit odd, then all will work out in the end. And then from the new system, we'll look back and realise why exactly things had to happen that particular way. Maybe it's just a test to see who will obey or not."
  • Crazyguy
    She sounds like the propaganda minister for the cult.
  • _Morpheus
  • steve2

    That sister had better watch her back and more. She ought to know the organization does not take kindly to sisters delivering messages and then having the audacity to rally the troops to obey.

    No, that kind of work is done by qualified males in the organization.

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