What bothers/worries you most about the war ?

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  • m0nk3y

    There seems to be quite a few concerned people out the regarding this war in Iraq and for good reason. So what exaclty is bothering you about it, does it involve the very real fact that alot of innocent blood could/will be shed ? Are you fearing this could all be a part of Bible/WTS prophecy ? Perhaps somthing else is bothing you.

    I thought it would be a good thread because I think it helps to talk out our fears.


  • Brummie

    I saw those monster USA bombs that will be dropped over the Iraq people tomorrow, imagine knowing they were going to be dropped in your vicinity? We can all argue our opinions but they are hardly worth the breath when one considers whats about to happen to the innocent civilians. Thats what I worry about.

    But then I worry that if things are not handled now with Sadam, our kids will reap the consequences in a few years. Regardless, I think things could have been handled better


  • m0nk3y

    I agree with you brum, but I don't envy their duty, it totally sucks, on one hands they have to do somthing, but on the other hand what about all those innocent lives and because of men like Sadam the middle ground has been cut out almost all together

  • Shutterbug

    The US will not intentionally bomb civilians, however, if chemical or bio weapons are unleashed by Saddam, the wind currents could carry this over to populated areas. That worries me. Bug


    The Iraqi civilians: they hate Saddam, he's a nasty dictator.

    If there was only one way to just simply snag the top man.

    That bothers me. I fear many of them, as a result of this upcoming activity will be hurt or killed.

    That's my fear, for the civilians.

  • LB

    Innocent lives lost is always a concern. But dead is dead. Those that will be mutliated is probably worse.

  • Xander

    What bothers ME about this war is that it will be the first war in US history with the US as the agressor. Previously, we've only fought defensively. Now, the warharks argue "But, but, but, their weapons are too powerful, we can't wait until someone PROVES they are an agressor, we must simply strike everyone who even looks like they MIGHT someday attack us, first!"

    This position I find intolerable.

    And, the current administration, as hard as they try, can't come up with any reason even remotely better than that to justify the war. They MIGHT someday be a threat to us. So, we must attack them NOW. Bush even said as much in his speech last night.

  • dubla
    What bothers ME about this war is that it will be the first war in US history with the US as the agressor.

    the taliban denied any connection to the 9/11 attacks, just as hussein does. therefore, we were the agressor in attacking afghanistan as well.


  • Elsewhere

    I'm afraid that Saddam will cause as much damage and human suffering as possible on his way down. "If I can't have it, then no one can!" is his way of thinking.

    I'm afraid that he will Ignite oil wells, use chemical and biological weapons on coalition troops, Kuwaiti citizens, Israelis, and even Iraqis.

    He is a brutal man, all the more reason to be rid of him.

  • JH
    Are you fearing this could all be a part of Bible/WTS prophecy ?

    I don't know if that is bible prophecy, but

    WE ARE part of bible prophecy, because we are APOSTATES

    But to answer your question, what bothers me the most is that we(USA) shall be hated even more than before.

    OK I'm form Canada, and I shouldn't say WE, but I feel American.

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