My waterfall

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  • LB

    This waterfall is in the city limits of Butte Falls. I sat there today and ate lunch by myself. It was overcast but dry out. It's amazing how relaxed you can be watching water. Go figure.

  • MegaDude

    Nice pic. How does it look underneath the surface? I'm sure you know, eh? LOL.


    LB, looks really nice.

    Beats looking at Lake Ontario right now.

  • LB

    Jerry you know me too well. I have dove there a few times. The water is just about 25 feet deep at the deepest. It's fairly clear during the spring and summer months. To get to the dive spot it requires wading across the top of the falls and doing a giant step. Only about an 18 foot drop, so it's not bad. We leave a line by the far shore and haul our gear back up that way. Can't climb the bank with the gear.

    There are many steelhead and salmon perched at the bottom of the falls to watch. They swim up on the side closest to the camera. Real fun to watch them power up that thing. You can get behind the falls in several areas. Large overhang under there to swim under. Bring your gear up, I'll show you some scary places to dive. Not unsafe, just scary

  • SheilaM

    LB: Wow, how beautiful I love waterfalls <sigh>

  • Shutterbug

    May we borrow those falls and put them here in Texas for a year ?? We will give them back, I promise. Trust me.



    Hey LB,thats nice.I love water falls,or anything to do with water for that matter.Thanks for sharing...OUTLAW

  • Dansk

    Great picture LB - very spiritual.The only trouble is, whenever I hear water I want to wee!

    I had a cassette called "Nature's soothing sounds" and part of it contained the sound of trickling water. I played it while Physio and I were in bed, so that we could drift gently off to sleep. No Fear! When the water bit came on we both jumped out of bed and headed for the loo!

  • MegaDude

    LB, I would love to dive that site. So many dives, so little time. But the view under is always as great as the view on top.

  • Lost Diamond
    Lost Diamond


    That sounds great.....I'm jealous. When I worked by the waterfront in downtown Portland, Oregon, I would walk down by the waterfront to eat my lunch. Watching the boats go on by, and seeing the large bridges that cross the Willamette River lift up to allow the larger boats to meander down the river was facinating! I loved it!!

    Something about water, be it in a lonely setting or around people, is very relaxing. Thanks for brought back memories.


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