My waterfall

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  • outnfree


    Great pic! It makes me pine for our cottage at the lake. I didn't really like sitting outdoors there -- bugs, spiders, sun too bright for my eyes -- but the windows looking out to the lake were large enough that I found it very peaceful to sit inside under the overhead fan and watch the tide ebb and flow mornings and evenings from my chair at the kitchen table. Herons would land on the dock, bullfrogs would croak, and the kids would bring me waterlilies, tadpoles, and blackberries.

    Last waterfalls I saw in person were on the Upper Peninsula in Michigan... Help me out, here, Heaven? Hillbilly?... the water has so much tannin it looks like root beer, and there's great hiking trails alongside, and lookouts over, but I can't remember the name of the falls! It was the first time we got to the REAL "UP North."


    I used to be one of Jehovah's Witnesses, but I DA'd myself 2 years ago. Vous etes le bienvenue!


  • blondie

    out, was that Tahquamenon Falls?


  • mouthy

    I was a jehovahs Witness for over 20+ years...But I was Df because I did not believe Jesus came in 1914-Do you believe that????

  • outnfree

    Yes, Blondie, yes!

    Thank you!


  • freedom96

    What a beautiful relaxing place.

  • LB

    I should take a photo of the next picnic table the kids float over the falls. It's great sport for them. We've chained those things to the trees, cemented them into the ground, doesn't matter. Those kids set them free.

    But we catch them all too often and make them build new ones.

    Fun stuff in the country.

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