Who read the WHOLE bible at least once?

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  • Silverleaf

    After studying Wicca and realizing I was Pagan, I decided to read the entire Bible just to be fair and see if there really was something I was missing about Christianity. I made 50 pages of notes, things that didn't make sense, contradictions and things that made me sick to my stomach. Reading it reaffirmed my belief in Paganism.


  • Blueblades

    Read it several times.Is it inspired? Timothy wrote all SCRIPTURE is inspired of God.What was all scripture at that time?What did Jesus call all scripture at that time? The Law,the Psalms,and the Prophets.NOTHING ELSE!No 66 books that the church canonized.

    So its questionable that the Bible is inspired of God.And the Law the Psalms,and the Phophets are fulfilled in Jesus if you want to believe it.Other than that the rest is ?????????????.


  • ThiChi


    Yea, control freaks. That saying bucked the whole Jw bible reading program. And since the JWs did not think of the saying, it was from the “world!”

  • greven

    As a JW I did not read the bible cover to cover. Later I decided to read the bible for myself and draw my own conclusions. Boy, I wished I read the bible more when I was a JW. I am surprised I even got through the OT, what a vile and evil book this is! With horror I look back to believing any of the stuff in it!

    If I want to read fairytales I pick up 1001 nights, which is better written anyway and contains less bloodshed.


  • nightwarrior

    yes yes yes.

    i read the bible in under six weeks ,but i had to read other material as well as i found that it was very tediouse, to read one book constantly, i read it along with an adventure story ,

  • SYN

    Read it about half a decade ago. Certainly amongst the top 10 most boring books of all time, barring the Oxford Dictionary, that is.

  • hurt

    Well, I did. It took less than six months. And my copy of the book was battered with notes in the margins and all that. Didn't let any of them brothers see it. That was the beginning of my search into WT literature for answers. There were weird things. I remember Goat for Azazel. I remember asking why did children have to be killed, sometimes only the men and women and all except virgins... there were many questions that kept me busy for a while. Until WT Lit. couldn't do it for me anymore. There were too many "the FDS haven't commented on that", " that is old light".... etc etc... It was interesting though. After that, it became tough for anyone to mention sth I wouldn't remember. I could do it again.

  • amen

    I read the bible once from cover to cover before i was a JW and once also as a JW. Since I'm always a firm believer in God no matter how hard I tried to think that God does not exist I see the more evidence that he is there. But as human creature I believe that God will not judge human harshly compare with the Angels that can see God himself and us we have to go by faith and on doctrine this world is a mess enough not to make you believe in a creature. So just to say I'll be out of this organization soon and I plan with my girlfriend to read it together since as a catholic she never read it once. It will be a true bible study.


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