Getting Remarried after a spouses death & then they are resurrected after Armageddon ?

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  • Diogenesister

    Didn't they wonder if the whole sexless thing meant maybe resurrection was, like, in heaven, maybe "like the Angels" was a bit of a clue, there?!

  • waton

    In my days, wt taught that ladies , going into the " new System" among the "millions now living that will never die", would, if having passed menopause. not have their their supply restocked, cycle restarted as part of returning to perfection.

    perfect, no need for prevention. but

    The angels were sowing their oats on this planet, a strange place for them, so, what Jesus* was really saying, resurrected ones would do their thing on other worlds. Ex husbands and ex wives, ex bachelor [ettes] possibly doing their thing on Exo planets, in the Goldilocks zones.

    *not endorsing just commenting. "Jesus" endorsed the deluge, angels and all, so count me out.

  • sir82

    I always thought it would be cool to resolve the problem by making clones.

    You know, like in the famous "Sadducee question" put to Jesus about the 7 husbands for one wife - just make 7 clones of the wife, then everybody is happy.

    Why not? JWs teach that death is utter annihilation of soul & body, and the "resurrection" is really a "re-creation" of a brand new body and a "data dump" of memories & personality into that new (one) body.

    But why stop at one new body? Why not create 7 bodies, and do the "data dump" into all 7?

    Heck, why stop at 7? There are billions, probably hundreds of billions, of planets that could support human life. Make a couple million copies of me, put me with other copies of other people on other planets, and let me (us?) run wild. Then after a million years or so, get all the copies of me (us?) to gather together at a conference. I'll (we'll?) pick the one having the best life and we'll (I'll?) go from there.

  • EverApostate
    They used to teach that those resurrected would be sexless, neither male or female (like the angels).

    If angels are neither male nor female, why did they select only women to mate with ?

  • The Fall Guy
    The Fall Guy

    Matt. 22:30 states the resurrected neither marry nor are given in marriage, but are like angels in heaven.

    So after Armageddon, planet earth will become the biggest singles club in the universe, thanks to all the resurrected male & female eunuchs!

  • dynamiterose77

    This oddly came up between the girls my age at the hall. One elders daughter explained that if we die and come back, we couldn't marry... so after that every girl I knew went into panic mode about getting married. This was tricky for them since there weren't a lot of guys our age in our hall. I didn't want to rush into getting married just to get married, and I thought maybe the girls were mistaken or misheard, so I wrote the society. A while later I got a letter back that confirmed it.

    I remember being somewhat horrified at the idea that a loving god would just take the emotions out of me so that I wouldn't feel bad... I think I'm sensible enough to understand that the marriage bond ended at death and that my husband has the right to move on. I don't need to be stripped of emotions so I can be content.

    This was one of the factors in a bunch of girls getting pregnant, or getting married as soon as they turned 18... they were afraid of the end coming before finding anyone, and then never experiencing love because god would make them not want to get married.

  • Jayk

    We get resurrected with no genitals but we have buttholes. Sounds like my kinda of new system:p

  • waton
    If angels are neither male nor female, why did they select only women to mate with

    ever apostate i' ll tackle hat one.

    The " getting to know you, getting to know all about you" episode for the angels was 1500 years after Adam, so the Earth still need to be populated, population by copulation, so: the brakes were not on yet by diverting the life stream into infertile endeavours.

    who says the bible does not make sense, can not be spun onto a yarn?

  • Crazyguy

    Man they just keep changing everything but it’s still the truth. Fuc&ing assholes they really know how to fuck up people’s lives !!!!

  • caves

    This thread is very eye opening about the 'new system' and the lack of genitalia. lol

    Totally made my day, Im laughing so hard.

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