Why isn't this forum growing like reddit exjw??

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  • enoughisenough

    I looked a few minutes at Reddit and thought it to be hateful and disrespectful and sometimes vulgar -people with chips on their shoulder.....maybe it was just the thread of the day that I checked it out.

  • Simon
    How is it right wing?

    If you question any narrative and show any independent thought, you're now immediately classed as a nazi.

    The old clunky software doesn't help - when I get chance I'll finish modernizing things so it's more modern and up-to-date.

    But ultimately, people can read and join whatever community they like and having more alternatives is more valuable than one.

  • LongHairGal


    Of all those observations Riley made he used the term ‘anti vaxxer’ to mean the wrong thing.

    He’s referring to people who don’t want the Covid vaccine. Whereas the term anti-vaxxer REALLY refers to people who don’t believe in the childhood vaccines that we, hopefully, all got.. The confused public conflates the two things even though they are separate and distinct issues.. The so-called ‘experts’ like this confusion.

  • BluesBrother

    I rely on this board to keep me grounded , surrounded as I am in life by WT diehards, it is all too easy to start thinking some of their nonsense…..

    Reddit has always seemed superficial, lacking depth and I have never enjoyed reading it.

    Riley’s comments were unfair.. We are not all like that. Many of us have been here for years and try to be reasonable. I usually avoid political, and Covid threads …. Let them get on with it.

    I thank Simon for keeping this board going, it is still a source of useful information about the WTS . You just have to look harder for it.

  • Foolednomore

    This site is fine! I don't understand the complaint? Sure it is no Reddit, but I'm here instead of Reddit. I feel safe from Watchtower Coon Squad.

  • jhine

    Vienne , yes there are people who don't always spell properly and whose grammar isn't perfect like what mine is .

    However I'm not sure that bad spelling and grammar indicates a lack of wisdom

    Education and wisdom are two different things . .


  • Hopeless1

    I live with an 86 year old die-hard, life-long Jehovah’s Witness husband who requires looking after at all levels at all times, …. He has always been difficult to live with due to some brain issue which makes him emotionally unavailable and unempathetic, and sometimes unreasonable, but I continue to live with him simply because I considered a promise to stick by him whatever our marriage turned out to be, was sacred.

    Therefore, this web-site is to me, a god-send (sorry, all you atheists and agnostics) because whenever things get too much, which is practically every day, I can come and loose myself in the comments of all of you facing similar challenges in life, and know I’m not alone.

    Personally I find exJW Reddit somewhat difficult to navigate, and not half as interesting as this website. Most people who post on here are, in their own way encouraging, and for the most part intelligent, witty and helpful. You people keep me sane.

    (please pardon grammatical/syntax and spelling errors) (and any other mistakes, which I promise were unintentional and not meant to offend)

  • jhine

    Hopeless1 ❤.


  • carla

    I am grateful for this board and many thanks to Simon for it and all who contribute!

    This board is smaller than ex jw Reddit and more intimate I guess. There are many here who I feel I 'know', well, as much as one can know a poster. The long time posters have even answered a question or two I didn't feel comfortable asking on the board at large. Having been here for quite some time now I know many of the back stories and struggles some have been through. I also see when they have progressed to letting go and getting on with life. I miss posters who leave but cheer them on that they have moved on successfully living life on their own terms. I am grateful for those who do stay to help others through the crap the wt can cause!

  • TonusOH
    joey jojo: the other 99% seem to be sh1t-posting for lulz.

    *raises hand* I joined here because it was a place where I could get info on what was going on with Evans. He has continued to provide entertainment, and I've also found other topics here where I can express thoughts on my past as a JW and on whatever the WTS is doing these days, since I still have family in the religion. I like it here.

    The discussion volume may not be very diverse and dominated by one discussion, but I don't think that abandoning the Evans thread would fix that. And the slow pace suits me, I don't really want to have to keep track of dozens of topics. So it's a cozy place for me.

    I try not to encourage or discourage people on what to post, because people are who they are, and they're more interesting and engaging when they aren't restrained from being themselves. I don't care for the political fringes on either end, but I have friends within each of those groups and we get along well enough (as long as they never meet, I guess). I don't run this board, so my best option if I see something I don't like is to ignore it. Or poke fun, if I'm feeling mischievous.

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