Counter-protests to Free Speech Rally in Boston

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  • cofty
    Actually the implications of this law are not clear at all - cofty
    Only to you. - Outlaw

    Actually the implications of Bill C16 are anything but clear even to legal experts. The fact that you insist it is clear demonstrates your lack of understanding of the issues.

    If a student demands to be referred to by made-up gender neutral pronouns such as ve, xe, ze and hir, ze and zir, zie and hir, is it now a criminal offense if a professor refuses to comply? Nobody is certain - or rather some on the left are determined that it is now an offense and universities are terrified to find out the hard way. Lawyers have expressed opinions on both sides.

    This is a significant issue. It is not just a law proscribing offensive speech - it is potentially prescribing politically correct speech. It is bizarre. At best it is badly thought-out legislation that prioritises ideology above common sense.

    It is also profoundly unscientific. Gender dysmorphia affects 0.005% of the population. It is a serious condition that deserves support and counselling. But for 99.995% of the population gender cannot be chosen. It is a biological fact. Legislating that society ought to indulge attention-seeking students is utter madness.

    When you run out of intelligent things to say, you resort to personal attacks - Outlaw

    I have not made any personal attacks and I certainly have not run out of intelligent things to say about the topic of C16 or free-speech in general. On the other hand...

    Please get this asshole under control - Outlaw

    I was in Glasgow today. In Kelvin Park there was a drunk crazy man who asked me for a cigarette and then shouted obscenities at me when I had none to give him. When I read this I was reminded of him.

    I don`t need cofty to tell me what I do and do not understand in my own country. - Outlaw

    If only that were so. No need to say thanks.

  • hothabanero

    @OUTLAW: Did you even watch the video I posted?

    A world-renowed professor in Canada is being forced to choose between his job and his freedom not to use made-up marxists language. DEEPLY disturbing stuff. This is all framed to be about the transsexuals so they can call everyone who oppose this bill a nazi and a hater of those who are different.

    You are allowed free speech here, imagine if Simon suddenly dictated what words you had to use? Now imagine it is the state who makes a list of words you HAVE to use...

    This is how fascism starts!

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