Counter-protests to Free Speech Rally in Boston

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    I wonder if you are actually familiar with the issues around Peterson?....cofty

    No, We don`t get "Canadian News" in Canada.

    There's no internet or TV..

    The local indians send smoke signals, that's our only source of information.

    He has done absolutely nothing illegal.

    That's because the Universities won`t let him speak.

    They`re doing him a favour..He`d end up in court for years, over BS.

    He objects that the law seems to demand that he refer to somebody as ve, xe, ze and hir, ze and zir, zie and hir according to their capricious whims.

    Our laws even if they`re crazy, don`t "Seem" to demand anything.

    The law is quite clear in the craziness that's demanded.

    "capricious whims"..???...

    I`m not even going to go there, it`s too easy...LOL!!


    Now I understand why American's would never consider giving up their guns.....Simon

    Jesus H Christ on a Cracker!

    I never thought I`d see the day, you`d say that..LOL!!..

    It`s all gone bonkers..

    We both deserve a beer just to stay sane...

  • silentbuddha

    I love what this place has become

  • cofty
    The law is quite clear in the craziness that's demanded - Outlaw

    Actually the implications of this law are not clear at all. You have just demonstrated once again that, despite your bluster, you are ranting about a topic you don't understand.

  • _Morpheus

    What country is this where people protest at a free speech rally? Who is against free speech? Insane.

  • Bangalore

    The left seems to be imploding.

  • Vidiot
    Simon - "...a tiny few on the right and many many on the left..."

    You're... you're being sarcastic, right?

  • Simon

    No, I'm stating an obvious fact.

    Just because Clinton tried to claim half of republicans were nazis doesn't mean they are. But I consistently see large crowds of leftist antifa thugs causing violence.

  • FedUpJW

    Google, apple, facebook, twitter, Airbnb, WhatsApp... they all seem to be in on it and in unison ready to censor certain ideas while at the same tolerating extremist speech like ISIS or antifa, including death threats!!

    The memo referred to in the link below pretty well lays out the agenda of the left/globalists. While there will be those who cry "tin foil hat" and those who do everything in their power to discredit it, it does bear reading and then comparing what is written to what IS happening. The Germans who were members of the Nazi party in the last century employed gradualism to fully implement their agenda of control, very similar to what the left, or as I prefer to term them ADT*, are doing now. IMO.

    * ADT - American Domestic Terrorists

  • Hecce

    OK, by legal means Republicans control all 3 Branches of Government; we have a "do nothing" Justice Department. People are conspiring to create chaos and dissent and the press is aiding and abiding. In view of history and reaching the point of "no return".

    What is the solution?

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