Counter-protests to Free Speech Rally in Boston

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  • just fine
    just fine

    I am not sure what the solution is, but we are headed for a civil war. People need to take a step back and realize that our own personal opinions are not always the only opinion, and growth can happen when we come together to find solutions. But the way things are that is not going to happen anytime soon.

    When you start silencing views you don't agree with, it's all downhill from there as a society. Throughout history silencing views and restricting free speech has ended badly.

  • Hecce

    Just Fine

    Your assessment of the future is right on target, however we are supposed to live in a country with the "best and brightest".

    Are they going to allow something like that to happen?

  • Hecce

    Actually the implications of this law are not clear at all....cofty

    Only to you.

    Break a law in Canada regardless of how crazy and you will be arrested.

    The police will charge you and they`ll let the courts sort it out.

    Eventually, it may be struck down but that's a friggin long process.

    You have just demonstrated once again that, despite your bluster, you are ranting about a topic you don't understand.

    As usual.

    When you run out of intelligent things to say, you resort to personal attacks.


    If you notice, I did not initiate this conversation with cofty.

    I try to avoid cofty because I know the end result drives you crazy.

    This is the 2nd time in a few weeks he thought he would take an unprovoked shot at me.

    Please get this asshole under control.

  • hothabanero

    @OUTLAW: The reason I love this forum so much is bc it allows free and open discussion of all ideas and views...

    You can't turn this place in your personal safe space and stomp your feet in the ground like an angry child just bc someone else has an opinion on your ill-informed ideas.

    I am embarrassed on your behalf that you think his comments are personal attacks... I am even more embarrassed you then call Cofty an "asshole". face it. you just can't handle criticism.

  • Simon

    Outlaw: please refer to the posting rules and community guidelines as to how to correctly deal with disputes.

    On this particular topic you are simply wrong and seem to be demanding that people accept your dogma in a much ruder way than you claim Cofty is. I suggest to read up on the new legalities and the implications of them. Many of the fundamental freedoms Canadians enjoy have just received a severe blow and everyone is too busy clapping pretty hair-cut boy to even care.

  • Simon

    Another reminder: please refer to the posting rules and community guidelines as to how to correctly deal with disputes.

    Please discuss the topic, don't rehash previous disagreements.


    Outlaw: please refer to the posting rules and community guidelines as to how to correctly deal with disputes.....Simon

    Yes I`ll refer to them.

    Dogma?.. Seriously?..
    I'm observing a lot of crazy political BS..

    I don`t think any of us has seen this before, I`m sorting it out just like everyone else.

    I haven`t demanded anyone agree with me.

    Some of the posts on this thread have made me reconsider peoples ideas, who aren`t nearly as hard line on the right.

    I don`t need cofty to tell me what I do and do not understand in my own country.

    He can be a jerk and brings most of his problems on himself.

    He`s a big boy and doesn`t need to be coddled.

    I`ll leave it at that my friend.

  • hothabanero

    Proof how the mainstream media is calling moderates "nazis":

    According to CNN, the Boston rally was supposedly how 50'000 people shouted down some nazis.

    Here are pictures of the "nazis"

    The only fascists here are the mainstream media and the BLM/alt-left/antifa terrorists who shout down a pro-free speech, pro-POC demonstration.

    This will end in civil war if ppl are not allowed to peacefully have their say!

  • sparrowdown

    I think what we're headed for is along the lines of

    War is peace

    Freedom is slavery

    Ignorance is strength.

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