Counter-protests to Free Speech Rally in Boston

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    Hey Simon!

    There's crazies on both sides.

    Do you really think the extremists on one side or the other, want to save us all?

    They all have their own agenda.

    If we don`t fit into that neat little box for either side, we become the problem.

    Where have we seen/lived that before?

    I`m just observing and hoping for a little common sense from both sides.

    I`m probably expecting too much at the moment.

    Maybe we`ll all get lucky?..

    Meh..I doubt it.

  • Simon

    Canada is fucked while Trudeau is in power. The guy is an absolute cretin and a disgraceful panderer to Islam and terrorists.

    Peterson stood up for common sense and for YOUR freedoms. This isn't about what things you can't say, it's about what things an unelected government body can dictate that you MUST say and whether someone can sue you for not calling them the gender pronoun that they suddenly decided they need to be called. It's a simple thing but the fabric of society depends on some common sense.

    People who think they should be called ze are suffering from mental illness. We should not be making laws to make the 99.99% of normal people dance to the pipes of madness.

    Gad Saad is one of the most reasonable and sensible commenters on free speech but is outspoken. He's now being labelled as an alt-right nazi by the idiot left because that is all the idiot left know how to do. But they are becoming truly dangerous because the globalists have taken over control of some powerful organizations such as Google and are using it to control the news and deplatform people at the behest of extremist leftwing groups.

    There is going to be a civil war. Now I understand why American's would never consider giving up their guns. They were right not to.

  • Simon
    There's crazies on both sides.

    Yes, except only a tiny few on the right and many many on the left. The left is the biggest threat.

  • hothabanero

    Dr. Saad and Dr. Peterson explain how modern academic institutions like Yale, Berkley, Harvard have become breeding ground for un-scientific ideologically driven ideas.

    I think the institutions who push this drivel should be defunded by the government or shut down and instead the government should fund real stuff like science and engineering. The rest is just a waste of resources by Big Academia Inc.... glorified diploma mills where you get your diploma once you believe 117 contradictory absurdities lol!

  • hothabanero

    @Simon: You are absolutely right about google. The systematic censorship and firerings of those not sufficiently ideologically pure by big global companies seems to be a new front that is opening up in the culture wars...

    Google, apple, facebook, twitter, Airbnb, WhatsApp... they all seem to be in on it and in unison ready to censor certain ideas while at the same tolerating extremist speech like ISIS or antifa, including death threats!!

    I am not a conspiracy theorist and try my best to be objective but this is some REALLY scary stuff.

    Education, science, the past, our vocabulary, our right to assemble, our right to work... they are all being eroded in front of our eyes while terrorism and the destruction of EU is being tolerated.

    Every day I fear something very sinister is happening.

  • cofty

    Here is an account of the cancellation of the free-speech event by the organiser Sarina Singh.

    "Social work has been completely hijacked by a radical neo-Marxist, cultural Marxist perspective and radical feminist and Black Life Matter.... It is the most anti-free speech environment you an work in."


  • hothabanero
    @OUTLAW: There's crazies on both sides.

    EXACTLY what Trump said and then the liberals collectively had a fit of autistic screaming!!!

    That PROVES this is not about "two extremist sides". This is about us centrists who believe in RIGHTS and THE RULE OF LAW against the extremists.

  • silentbuddha

    Way to go criticizing autistic folks lol

  • LoveUniHateExams

    I don't know the full situation in Canada or the US, or how well Left v Right issues align with Left v Right issues in the UK.

    First off, there are some dangerous individuals on the Right. They often spout racist language and are often violent. But we have laws to deal with them and, in the UK at least, they are marginalised and fractured, thank goodness.

    Then there's the Left. These people have infected our schools, town halls, universities. They hate capitalism and secretly or otherwise despise democracy. Many have personal histories of supporting communism and sympathising with the IRA. They sneer at free speech, unless free speech is used to further their agenda. They have seemingly decided to team up with Islamists - 'my enemy's enemy is my friend', etc. - which means that the same people who championed gay rights in the 80s, now invite to speak Islamic speakers who preach death to homosexuals.

    There's a similar story to Prof Peterson that happened in the UK: some well-known professor who had contributed much to science made a sexist but relatively harmless comment ('women make poor laboratory researchers because they fall in love with their male colleagues', or similar). Basically harmless - an apology could've sorted it out. Or it should have been allowed as free speech. This professor lost his job because of one crappy little joke - the big online 'outrage' by leftists, the professionally outraged and other cancerous polyps on the anus of humanity got him fired. He became persona non grata. I don't know if it ruined his entire career.

    That whole episode was despicable - DESPICABLE.

    And these SJWs have no democratic mandate. They just shout the loudest and have managed to infect our public institutions.

  • hothabanero

    @silentbuddha: it is just a manner of speech. calm down. if you are autistic yourself I am happy to apologize otherwise you are just virtue signalling...

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