The August 2024 Watchtower controversy and potential further changes

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  • Vidiot

    WT articles are written about a year in advance.

    Simplest explanation?

    There was some stuff in the Aug issue that wouldn’t synch with recent “reforms” they’ve had to implement on short notice, and they hadn’t caught it in time to replace it, or had backup material for that month.

    Oct and Nov’s content were probably fine(ish), but swapping out the dates for everything might have been too much of a hassle.

  • Vidiot

    Wanna hear something funny?

    Way back in the early 90s, almost the exact same thing happened with the “Spawn” comic book.

    Art and writing SNAFUs had forced a delay on a couple issues, which weren’t released till months later… which completely disrupted the series’ continuity (and that book was very continuity-heavy).

    Collectors everywhere were confused and upset, but to his credit, Todd McFarlane apologized profusely.


  • NotFormer

    Vidiot, that's an interesting anecdote about the Spawn comic, but I think you're comparing apples with oranges. After all, people were actually looking forward to the comics! 😸😇

    If that's true that they are written a year in advance (Watchtower articles, that is), then the changes over the last year could well have created some small conflict with whatever content was originally intended for release.

    When Jesus said not to let your left hand know what your right hand is doing, I doubt he had this kind of an organisational dog's breakfast in mind. 🙄

  • LaFrancia

    I'm making a guess based on how they think at Warwick Bethel. Perhaps risky, but plausible.

    The GB decides to make a "plan" to review and change all current disfellowshipped policies, appointments, rules, meetings, etc.

    GB decides to implement it only if it loses in Norway, I remember Morris being very against it in one of his JW videos. Morris does not vote in favor of the plan and resigns from the GB, opening the door in his own way. Morris tight pants is capable of it.

    GB takes revenge on Morris (Morris has an NDA) and deletes many but not all of his videos.

    GB loses in Norway and this fact they understand as clear proof that they must implement the "plan" immediately without wasting any more precious time, as the halls of the kingdom are emptying, the brothers vanish.

    Morris has popcorn and soda and follows the events in shorts and a tank top on his couch

    This is Fantasy Theocracy

  • LaFrancia

    "opening the door" is the wrong phrase, I don't know why Google translated it that way. I meant "slam the door".....:-))

  • jwleaks

    My 'source' states that significant changes were made to a reference and historical statement relating to the role that International Bible Students Association played that needed to be amended for legal reasons. Think historical negationism. Something to do with IBSA owning kingdom halls, assembly halls, and branch building assets, and having ownership under various trust names such as The Kingdom Hall Trust.

    Evidently the need arose to financially separate IBSA from the current governing body and JW/WT structure.

    Time will tell.

  • slimboyfat
    as the halls of the kingdom are emptying, the brothers vanish.

    People always makes there assertions on the forum, but I see no evidence for it. Kingdom Halls are pretty full. There are a few more JWs who stay home and watch on Zoom after the pandemic, mainly older ones, but overall attendance is, if anything, slightly up.

    The churches, on the other hand, are emptying fast; of this I also have firsthand knowledge across a broad spectrum, including Catholic, Church of Scotland, Free Church, Methodist, Unitarian, Christadelphian, Brethren, and Christian Scientist churches.

  • Gorb

    @slimboyfat, agree. Addition:I see the same faces, no new recruits.

    And the last time, the memorial 2024, I saw only sad, tired and lame faces. All went as fast as possible going home when the garnering ended.

    No happy few, no heartly greetings this year.


  • hoser

    Whatever was printed in the august watchtower it must be a big deal.

    Think COVID.

    When covid happened and Jws stopped the door to door work there were still magazines released months after March 2020 that referred to preaching and attending meetings. Nothing was changed or delayed in the magazines.

  • joey jojo
    joey jojo

    There have been a lot of changes for the average dub to process recently. Some will have embraced the changes, others not so much.

    Maybe this wt will be about putting out fires and attempting to provide clarity as there must be quite a few confused JW's out there right now.

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