The August 2024 Watchtower controversy and potential further changes

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  • ukpimo

    As an educated guess, the August 2024 Watchtower may be delayed because 2 complicated subjects need to be discussed in this issue which haven't yet been approved to be included in the revised Shepherding Textbook. Perhaps the revised Shepherding Textbook must be finalised before this Watchtower is released publicly.

    The 2 subjects may be as follows:

    How to shepherd and appoint brothers based on the removal of the hour requirements, getting to know the brothers instead (does this mean prioritising appointing men who have auxiliary pioneered during the CO visit and campaigns or men who are regular pioneers?)

    - Does this mean that they cannot decide whether or not to add a supplementary article and/or question box to add as a reference in a revised Shepherding Textbook? Also, why is there an additional change to the 2025 Kingdom Ministry school to include elders and MS wives for final two talks? Is there going to be new direction that will allow wives of appointed men to also have assignments at the Kingdom Hall??? If this proves true, a past speculation about this will have come true.

    How to handle disfellowshippings and reinstatements in light of the new direction from the GB update, as well as further emphasis about the personal invitation and simple greeting JWs can give DFd individuals at the Hall.

    - Legally, this is going to look messy for the Governing Body. More pressure is coming upon them to relax the DF rules in Europe and other areas like Japan, so are they waiting for court rulings to ultimately change how they implement decisions regarding disfellowshipping? They promised JWs that the GB update adjustments to how JWs view disfellowshippings would be included in future series of Watchtower articles. This edition of the Watchtower may be the crucial edition which has been delayed due to legal issues. Will a further Governing Body Update this month provide extra direction regarding disfellowshipping and perhaps any changes to how elders recommend, appoint or delete brothers as has been speculated in the past, albeit by the "10 year plan guy", but hey it seems to be going in that direction!

    The plot thickens.

  • DesirousOfChange

    More pressure is coming upon them to relax the DF rules in Europe and other areas like Japan, so are they waiting for court rulings to ultimately change how they implement decisions regarding disfellowshipping?

    Evidently there are big changes in the USA as well. A recent local case involves a former elder who committed adultery -- but there is more -- it's discovered he has been cheating with multiple women for years, even while he was still serving as an elder. He's not been having "affairs". While traveling for work, he's been surfing websites looking to have sex with anyone willing. He just needs more sex than he's getting at home.

    His wife does not understand why he was not DF. Since all this is all over in the local gossip, the local JWs do not understand why he was not DF. His JW parents are still supportive of him, after all, he is not DF.

    It appears the rumors/leaks here regarding a "probationary period" and subsequent second meeting with the JC is factual, even in outrageous situations as this.

    IMO, the dude is having a midlife crisis. In his 40's, boring life, boring wife who's gotten a little dumpy, couple of kids hitting the teen years, switching jobs to find something that pays better as his JW wife pioneers and homeschools vs having a job to help support the household. Of course, neither have much education because they were never going to grow up in this system of things.

    A family member who is a psychologist once explained to me that men hit a point when they see they've hit the top rung in their life and they judge themselves as "winners" or "losers". Those who aren't happy with what they see often make drastic changes -- new sports car or new wife or new job/career.

    Probably would have been cheaper to get the new sports car. Divorces can be real expensive.

  • JWpomo

    The cover of the August 2024 WT was seen for some time then removed afterwards.

  • ThomasMore

    It is likely that wives are being included at the end of the KM School because they will be reminded that they must meet standards for their husbands to continue serving. If they are indeed "one flesh" with their husbands, they must rise to the occasion and not be a drag on his Kingship .... I mean service.

    Whether or not this will result in some men being disqualified, it remains to be seen. I suspect that they want wives to be on notice as there have been many complaints about them by the rest of the members in the congregations.

  • road to nowhere
    road to nowhere

    Did anyone get a screen shot of the cover? Or remember the article names/subject?

    We longtimerse can "write" the articles and talks from memory of the same same stuff. Earth shattering things like beards and pants suits may need edited.

    As for appointments; they will still be company men.

  • JWpomo

    Yes I have a screenshot. Its low resolution.

  • JWpomo
  • ukpimo

    An intriguing photo. Wouldn't it be unusual if the delay is because all the JWs in the image have been DFd and they'll have to redo the image or they'll move the artwork onto another month anyway to pave the way for articles relating to the DF arrangement. It's an unusual cover article if the series are mainly about Disfellowshipping, unless it's a decoy to distract worldly people from reading it, and it's referenced only in one article.

  • truthlover123

    If they are going to advise the "sisters" to do better, believe me it will all be their fault that the husbands are wandering. Now they should start with the porn addiction and change themselves in the bedroom, lose weight, always say yes dear, have the kids in bed so all is quiet with clothes ironed and neatly laid out for next day, when he leaves to meet his latest! (of course, after the elders meeting and service). It's not that he is doing wrong, it's that your not doing right. I believe in shared workload, so maybe she should hit the bars and online to make it happen, or do the repair man. I have seen it happen, new car, new clothes, start to smoke, go on business trips )

  • ukpimo

    I'm thinking many of us are going in the wrong direction here. I believe this is a very unusual move and it's paving the way for a change in how the wives of appointed brothers serve in the congregation. Remember, nothing that Elders or Ministerial Servants do in the congregation in general has a scriptural basis. The Scriptures are clear that the first century christian women had a lot more influence in congregations than JWs and many churches today currently make out. Perhaps JWs will go down that route again to "reexamine the first century Christians" and start giving women more assignments. I see big announcements coming our way, just wait for the jealous PIMI sisters who have no husbands or whose husbands aren't appointed!! More factions await us!

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