The August 2024 Watchtower controversy and potential further changes

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  • KerryKing

    Why do the angels have wings lol, so very Hollywood styled, like the Jesus in a cape from last year haha!

  • DesirousOfChange

    Maybe there is a need for them to relax this "only people with a penis" qualify for privileges.

  • TonusOH

    It almost seems like they are saying "now that we cannot use the field report as a cheat sheet, we will need to get to know the flock better." I wonder how many MS and elders will resent actually having to become engaged with the rank-and-file instead of just reading some numbers and throwing a bunch of Bible verses at people.

  • Vidiot

    “…How to shepherd and appoint brothers based on the removal of the hour requirements…”

  • carla

    What if an elder or Ms has a ubm and no family in? How will they treat them?

  • carla

    I used to think they treated my jw as, "poor brother x, his wife is an opposer and he remains loyal blah, blah..."

    Now I wonder if they will say, "brother x has had what? 20 years or so and still no family and his wife is still an opposer and persecutes us!"

  • Samcats

    KM school talks including wives will simply be thanking them for sharing husbands with org and encouraging them to support husband's position. People here are over thinking this

  • Listener

    The Watchtower would have had a lot of feedback about the changes in regards to those they have removed or disfellowshipped. The Elders don’t like visiting/harassing them because they only do it when there is a CO visit.

    It also takes a lot of time and requires two brothers.

    Now they’ve ramped up the number of visits, it’s a huge ask.

    It would make it easier if the Elders or Ms’s wife could go instead of the second male. It would cut their work, maybe by a third.

    Will the wife be allowed to talk to the dfd JWs, even though the rest of the congregation can’t?

    It’s not like this is a completely new position for the wives since they have been assisting Elders in visits in the past, particularly when it’s been more convenient, although they are not privy to discussions, I don’t think.

  • road to nowhere
    road to nowhere

    Thanks for the screenshot. I will bet it is a mother yearning to talk to her DF daughter who is (naturally) down on luck. The angels are watching, the gesture is ???.

  • NotFormer

    Is that really a Watchtower cover? 🤔

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