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  • road to nowhere
    road to nowhere

    Thanks for info. My bewilderment at how many people it takes to do disney/ Pixar which are high quality

    Soap opera? More cartoons? You can be sure there will not be any plain old entertainment or documentaries or how to do. How about a science one on how bristlecone pines survived the flood

  • redvip2000
    to go online with the meetings?

    There is no doubt they are moving more and more into the digital space, but if you mean making members attend meetings online instead, this will never happen.

    The only thing I think that keeps things together is the social aspect of the congregation and meetings, and the get togethers. If you replace that with some virtual connection, it will slowly eat away at the bond, and this would spell disaster for them.

    They probably just want to continue to create more digital content to feed to the flock.

  • Spiral

    I wonder if they are sending people to school to learn these skills. Free education and training! (For the special ones.)

    Meanwhile, the others are still cleaning windows and houses for their living.

  • RubaDub

    You think the new building addition to Warwick ,that will house 1000 audiovisual and art production volunteers is a push to go online with the meetings?

    asp59 ...

    From what I have heard, the 1000 volunteers are there for filming episodes of the soon to be released mini-series on the JW channel called the Great Crowd.

    Most will be extras. When they need shots of large numbers of people, they already have them in-house and won't have to pay for extras.

    Some will be dressed as lions and lambs and they will be taught to dance the Macarena.

    It will truly be a blessing.

    Rub a Dub

  • Gorbatchov

    I suspect a transfer to TV / virtual religion.


  • respectful_observer

    Slightly off topic, but has anyone noticed that they've recently started referring to their Warwick exhibits as a "museum"?

    I wonder if there are longer-term plans to build a separate building at Warwick that is a standalone "Bible Museum". Just imagine the tour groups flocking to that! A purpose-built structure that houses exhibits and special events, maybe even with event space that can be used for special events (e.g. Annual Meeting festivities), or maybe even a new fancy theater / auditorium to host special events. "Spare no expense!"

  • Dagney

    I think it might be a deliberate designed distraction for the faithful in case they start hearing some unsavory press regarding the pedophile coverups. Emphasis on their seemingly relevant construction work could be meant as “exciting theocratic news” to divert attention from bad the bad news. Just a thought that popped up in my brain.

  • rickroll

    It would be a huge mistake for the cult to go on line for meetings. Meetings and assemblies serve only one purpose that is to keep the rank and file in line. Visually to see others dressing and acting a curtain way is to keep them in line. Remove this and have it in the comfort of their own home for meetings and its going to give some the chance to slip away. Maybe they are too stupid to see that though.

  • sir82

    Meetings and assemblies serve only one purpose that is to keep the rank and file in line.

    Two purposes.

    You forgot, that's where the contribution boxes are.

    Old timers prefer dropping physical money in a slot, vs. contributing online. And old timers are pretty much the only ones who contribute nowadays.

  • Vidiot

    You gotta admit, transitioning to a predominantly online presence would definitely make fading easier.

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