Post Convention Euphoria

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  • JW_Rogue

    Most of this is fake, they are just trying to get some likes on facebook or expand their social network.

  • redvip2000
    I said..."Gosh....has it been 3 years already...time really flies. It seems like only yesterday they were putting on all those entertainment programs for the delegates and now yet another summer convention has come and gone since then (sigh).
    He got my point.

    Good zinger! Amazing how at any given point in history, jdubs living at that time are just as gullible as any other. I'm pretty sure in the early 1900's, Jdubs back then also were elated that they were living in such important times as part of a really select group of people.

  • stan livedeath
    stan livedeath

    the last big assembly i attended--in the UK---was at the old wembley stadium ( london ) about 69--or 70 i think.

    it seemed to rain all the time.

    i vowed i would never attend another.

    i kept that promise.

  • WTWizard

    That's their only variety in life. They do not do any of the holidays that usually create fun, and they do not have true vacations because they throw away all their money and waste all their time in field circus. Grand Boasting Sessions are the only thing that breaks up the monotony, so of course they are going to rave about them.

    And they are under the spell that is causing them to work toward their own damnation. The whole LIE-ble is this spell, and the washtowel pushes it incessantly on people. Those who fall under it are bound to work for the damnation of the whole human race, and the jokehovian witlesses strip everything outside that damnation book right out of their life through their policies. All they have left is the LIE-ble, and they are immersed in this destructive spell. It acts like a dangerous drug, and is as dangerous.

    Notably, they are going to be in for a rude awakening. Look at what happened in Venezuela recently when their currency was devalued. Those who stacked silver and/or gold are able to buy stuff on the black markets, and thus survive. Those who did not cannot afford it. This could well happen in the United Tyranny of Stupidity, Canada, and the European Union zone as well and without warning. And, those with no silver or gold when it all stops--are they going to get any help from joke-hova? Or, are they simply going to be RFID chipped, bar-coded, and enslaved to work for a few miserable crumbs? At best, with silver reaching true value, people will be working very hard for 12 hours a day to earn that silver dime--which will pay their expenses. What are the jokehovians going to do then? Pious-sneering is not going to pay them any silver dimes--indeed, they are going to have to work 12 hour days to pay for their idiotic wastes of gas plus do field circus.

    Where is joke-hova through it? Laughing at the degradation of human spirituality, that's where.

  • joe134cd

    Hard to belive less than 8 years ago they were beating this kind of thing up.

  • smiddy

    "What is it about pious people that when you meet them you want to smack them in the mouth"

    The wife and I heard this on a TV show a while back and totally agreed.

  • pale.emperor

    Funny, my ex-wife sent me pictures of our little girl in the convention. EVERY picture was taken during the sessions and on each one she was in the VIP room, in the accounts office or outside... shouldn't her mum be listening to the spiritual food and not giving up???

    Not that i care, im glad.

  • konceptual99

    Ha Jook!

    The Barney Arms.... I used to go up to Twickenham on the Sunday just to go to the Barney Arms as did hundreds of other young people. That place was rammed.

    In those days hearing about some party going on after the convention was only possible by intense networking - getting out, talking to randoms, getting invites and being prepared to travel. When I was at college my mates were amazed at how I'd have gone to Bournemouth, Southampton London, Essex, Hampshire - all over the south east to go to a party. Still happens now but it's plastered all over social media...

  • jookbeard

    yes Konceptual it was a real institution,but that awful place The Excel centre just isnt the same, the funny thing was I was having a chat with two old Jamaican jw's at their carts last week and I mentioned it was the time of the DC and they said yes ours is coming up very soon, one of them mentioned I should pop along I'd enjoy it, I mentioned the very last place I'd want to be was to spend a weekend at that horrible place The Excel Centre I definitely wont be going! she said everyone seems to say that!

  • snare&racket

    Keep saying it's the best life ever.......

    keep saying you won't give up.......

    Keep saying the end is nigh.......

    Whatever helps them get through the day, I wish them well .....but it all smacks of brain washing, indoctrination and taught self reaffirmation.

    When your life is the best it can be, when, the end of the world is actually taking place ..... you have no need to say so, it just is... and the hash tag doesn't help.

    i feel so sorry for the lives and potential they are unaware they could have lived. For those beyond the years of life altering changes in mind, not young enough to start life over and pursue their dream of being an 'x' or achieving 'y' .... for those people I feel sincerely hashtag sad.

    They are basically vocalising to the world...."Please don't let all this be a waste of my time, my life!" ... I know because I did it, I felt it too.

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