Another ruse?

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  • Beth Sarim
    Beth Sarim
    This is just entirely shocking, I'm just at loss for words over this, if the construction work is suspended. That big May 2014 letter about forever loan forgiveness with the congregations on a never ending monthly lump sum send to the Borg for supposedly a need for kingdom halls. Wow!! This has just got to be sending shock waves through the Borg community.
  • truthseeker

    I want you to consider what Ocean1111 wrote last year, he seems to have some interesting thoughts...

    Good question.

    Because things can be seen in two ways it will take an abruption to even open the JW mind to start considering reality. They can sell the liquidation of 500 million in NY real estate assets in four years or so as a preparation for "the end". They can sell hall consolidations as compacting JWs into "the ark" in denser fashion. They can even present a negative 1-3% contraction as 1-3% growth, because a complex dynamic global system like JWs can contract and yet expend at the same time. The very 3% JW growth stat surely does not justify a billion in asset liquidations to cover "overhead" and "growth needs" if we looked at the full scope of Bethel liquidations internationally, and in non-real estate assets.

    So the numbers indicate JWs are probably really below 7 million, and the bloat of the organizational and congregational structure is now being chopped off in time to secure those assets OUT of the corporate tsunami zone that will come from national power in the coming years when they decide to take that actual racketeering operation down, piece by piece.

    What is surprising is Bethel has not been "attacked" yet, but the future of litigations globally is not looking good and most of it is based on Bethel policy in writing assigning liability to the corporation, so it is no stretch of imagination to see a Conti case as being topped many times over in the judgment magnitude. It is also open to charity fraud and racketeering under a religious "non-profit" veneer exposed by the reality of what Bethel is up to in its corporate profiteering. It is a racket and many national powers KNOW it is a racket, it just requires the right global financial abruption or transition to bring it on fully, imo.

    Now Bethel can sell an "attack" on the corporations/"organization", for actual criminal activity, to JWs as "an attack on our faith" and a "persecution for our beliefs" even if it is clearly criminal racketeering and negligence that Bethel is being prosecuted for, JWs buy whatever the Pied Piper GB rationalizes for them.

    Thus many scenarios looking like Bethel is "preparing for the end", "it is truly close brothers!" is indeed preparation for an end, but "the end" of Bethel not "the world", that Bethel can sell to JWs as "the end of the world brothers!", "prophecy fulfilling brothers!", and the whole time JWs will perceive one set of events as having the deluded meaning Bethel applies to those events, when in reality it is justice coming on Bethel for long overdue criminal accounting. JWs see it as "God's organization" led by God's "holy men", but in fact it is a global reproach and actual criminal racket whose time has come led by con men well removed from rank and file JW reality.

    Now as long as JWs do not accept the true sins of Bethel and its main instigators and perpetrators in its leadership, they will not see it. And until something abruptly shakes the JW world they won't even wake up, and when they do it will be to the Bethel delusion "all coming true brothers!". They have the perfect psychological smokescreen to offer up the end of Bethel, as "the end of the world", and for JWs to eat it up in hyper mode for quite some time, but it is all a delusion empowering a global JW hoax, imo. As the world instead just plods along in its course, then the years of bitter realization will come upon JWs who will be lucky to save their own "Kingdom Hall", imo.

    Some are waking up now, true, but it seems the body of the JW herd must go through the stampede and wind up out "in the wilderness" with no cowboys prodding them on, to finally wake up to reality. It seems some JWs will end up where the cows usually go, but some will break from the herding process, imo, and overall many will slip through the cracks in spite of all the "obey us and live" brainwash. That "obey us or else" bull, is going to be used against JWs, imo. But all of it can be sold one way or the other, depending on how a JW wants to look at it, and how "outside" the org box they can get to get a better "outside looking in" perspective on the Bethel system of delusion and brainwash.

    I think JWs will not wake up as well unless people are willing to help them when the time comes. JWs, imo, will be the last Bethel victims, and we should not blame them individually for a corrupted leadership who is actually to blame overall for the disaster apostate and lawless Bethel will become. JWs will have to live with the legacy once their elites have fled with the spoils, so we need to really see JWs as the cows, the victims of this form of "ranching" and "milking" by Bethel's billionaire "cattle baron".

    Bethel does not care if people blame JWs for their racket, so we should blame Bethel mostly, JWs were victims of delusion, and though partly to blame, the crashing of their Bethel "golden calf" may be punishment enough, so you may be the one bringing many JWs up to speed in time, don't blame those poor guys, imo.

  • truthseeker

    One more from Ocean...

    They are setting up the "attack" expectation, revamping it psychologically and combining it for a down to earth "manifestation" when that comes upon Bethel soon, as expected in the "prophecy". But it may drag on a while imo. Thus they have a great continued distraction, because the USSR is not a global gold bullion controller of Dan11:42-43 obviosuly, the "8th King" system of globalization will of course control global bullion; and it is not insignificant that gold ownership at that volume is "the base plate of national sovereignty", so obviuously in the JW game, Daniel 11:42-43 is a far more significant prophecy that still has to fulfill, that Bethel just bypasses as if it is nothing.

    Thus if they can bypass that logic of bullion globalization meaning, and asset globalization into super-corporate control, where it has been tipping for quite some time, yet all of a sudden see "Gof of Magog" "logic", they are advancing JWs too far into prophecy and global development to just bypass the whole final cycle of globalization completion into world government, the logical "terminus". Bethel plays dumb and astute at the same time, yet their insghts are selective and are settign JWs up with engineered expectations "backed by prophecy", while ignoring more obvious contradictions in Daniel 11 they stick to.

    Thus it will not be "the end" imo, it will be the end of national sovereign control of their own finances, gold and assets at large scale, and that will have to normalize into a globalized financial "solution". In that cycle severe economic, political and religious turbulence will form, and into that they can crash Bethel as "attacked" as if it is fulfilling prophecy, but in fact it was just the smokescreen to dissolve Bethel under, imo. The world system plods on to full globalization, and JWs are dumped overboard without a clue as to reality that "King North" always has had to be world government, and King South is all the nations, the "nation-state system", made subservient to "King North" world government mostly by the financial means explicitly hinted at in Daniel 11:42-43.

    Its so obvious Bethel has to be "missing this" purposely.

    He who owns the global "gold and silver" basically will be the owner of the world, for any financial reboot will require enormous gold as the original basis of that system, just like when the US Dollar was born in the gold cradle, but vacated all ties to gold incrementally later.

    He who owns the gold, will make the rules, and it will have to be a unified uni-polarity under world government, no nation has any gold holdings as far as some speculate, and the gold system is harder to research than the central banking system. Truth is it seems no one knows where all the gold is, but King North knows, and that is not "Russia", just another Bethel decoy to distract from the more obvious reality, imo.

    Bethel "gold" and "desirable things" will also be transferred and Bethel will be dissolved and they will sell that to JWs as "prophecy fulfilling brothers!", "behold Christ!", but Christ will not arrive as expected, JWs will have a riddle and will be lucky to retain a single "Kingdom hall" over their head when this is done. JWs were duped, and well engineered and misarranged "theology" created the "self fulfilling prophecy" to provide the perfect exit strategy, smokescreen and final riddle for poor JWs to figure out on their own, imo, whenever the smoke clears over Bethel corporations.

    What they are telling JWs is expect the "attack" and that is "the end of the world", but it will just be the end of Bethel, JWs will live the delusion to the full. In reality, imo, it is just a final globalization cycle of instability to form the final stability recovery in time. There is enough globalization research on-line for Bethel to figure this out, so Bethel is either too dumb, or they are "in on it", and probably a bit of both. Apostasy is what "fulfills" at Bethel, the ramifications are then to be sold to JWs as "the end", and when it is over no one is going to care if JWs wake up anytime soon. Bethel will be gone, imo, or so litigated as to be a blackhole of delay and reproach.

    In any case JWs will be left holding the bag, the final victims of Bethel's criminal rackets, imo.

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