Another ruse?

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  • Pistoff

    Could the stopping of construction be just another ruse to squeeze money from the rank and file?

    It will certainly generate buzz like nothing else.

  • bohm

    Pistoff: It just dosn't seem very economical. I know nothing about constructions, but I imagine that for large projects there are contractors etc. that need to be cancelled when it is postponed and I would suppose that all costs money. Perhaps someone can weight in if this is a problem?

    Also, well, it does not seem like something they would make up when you consider how proud they are of their numbers and stats. Whats the point of postponing so many things (and seem like you are missing cash) to get what, 20% extra donations for a short while?

  • Pistoff


    I agree on the costs, and that it is bad for their reputation and cash flow to stop and start again on projects.

    So it is either for real, they are either short of cash or are afraid of running short, or they are pulling a stunt, either one not good for the rank and file or for their reputation.

  • goingthruthemotions

    in reality, the WTBTS is a large corp. They started a project or projects with the money they thought they had or figured they would have.

    along the line they realized that they were in over there head. probably in the areas listed below:

    1. quality of employees: ( meaning, you cant build complex large structures with volunteer employees...its not a quick build)

    2. after realizing they need real worker who need to be paid real money....they realize the cost of the project has just went from $1500.00 sq/ft to $20,000.00 sq/ft

    3. the money that thought they had is not there...probably to a down turn in the market and all the investments they had just did not perform like they wanted.

    4. People who handle there money also taking the money for themselves. i.e. loosing millions.

    it happens all the time..on a small scale you could compare it to pro ball players who get these 200 to 300 million dollar contracts and end up broke.

    why? like i said....bad investments, accountants stealing money and overall no education on how to handle all that money.

  • bohm
    Pistoff: Yah.. my thoughts exactly. Still, if they are expanding as much as they claim with the kingdom halls and whatnot (but why not just cut the expansion by 20% which nobody would notice?) this might just be a sign they are investing a lot and they may still be doing financially okay.
  • SafeAtHome
    Maybe it's just me, but I don't see how this would encourage anyone to donate more. I would think just the opposite! What would you think of someone who was building a massive new home, bragging about how wonderful it was going to be, then suddenly construction came to a screeching halt. Would you rush to lend him more money to finish his project or rather, would you think "what a dumbsh**, serves him right for not budgeting and planning ahead, he must be stupid or greedy or trying to live above his means". I can't see it, especially when you read of all the luxuries their new compound in upstate NY has!
  • All for show
    All for show

    I don't know what more they can get. Diehards may give their retirement or savings, I think those are the rarest. Those with money, I'm privy to a dozen in my circle, were laughing/irritated at the May broadcast saying "count the cost, the way we do as families and businessmen, you're not getting our money." The rest of jws are broke, the other half are faders.

  • All for show
    All for show

    I agree with safe at home.

    the past year family members who are all in, pioneers and barely making it. Have been so off put, upset, and frustrated by the local assembly builds alone with such grandiose buildings, while we are told to live simple. I think the majority will say, welcome to our world.

    now, enter the emotional the end is here, satan is against us, attacking us. yah that's different...

  • the comet
    the comet

    It doesn't feel like a ruse for more money, but I wouldn't put it past them to do something like that. They go full tv evangelist style, saying god told them to stop construction, cause he needs more money!!

    It just reminded me actually, didn't they say a few yeas ago, I think it was guy pierce, they weren't sure it they had "Jehovah's direction/spirit" or something like that when going ahead and starting with Warwick?

  • LisaRose

    Yes, it's shocking they would abandon a project like that. We had a situation in our little town where the city was going to use redevelopment funds to build an apartment building with retail on the ground floor. The recession hit, the state withdrew all redevelopment money and the city did not have enough to finish the project. Halfway built, it sat unfinished for five years. The city was finally able to sell the land for one million, but they had put five million into the project, so it was a huge loss.

    If they sell the land they may or may not get back what they put into it, depending on if the potential buyer can adapt the finished parts to their needs, but unfinished work is not really a selling feature.

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