The average Witness will continue to follow Watchtower leadership whether right or wrong.

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  • UnshackleTheChains

    I hate to say this, but given my own experience as a JW for almost 3 decades, I am beginning to believe the average JW will continue to look to and be guided by the GB regardless of whether they are right or wrong.

    Despite all the scandals and negative media attention the Watchtower organisation is receiving, life seems to go on as normal in JW land. It's truly bizarre!!

    Clearly, the GBs tactic of mostly hiding away from the media is clearly working for them.

  • freddo

    Sad but utterly true Unshackle ...

  • undercover

    Just like Catholics continue to look to the Pope. No reason to expect any one religion's followers to be any more insightful than the next.

  • _Morpheus

    Your “beginning” to think?? What evidence have you seen that this will ever change? Of course they will. The so called scandals that interest us as former or inactive or ‘awake’ jw’s mean nothing to the vast majority. They never did and never will.

    Individuals will wake up just as we have and the internet as a whole is massive tool in that but by and large the cult will remain unchanged and unphased. Mormons sda jw’s etc etc... cults “cult”. Thats what they do.


    The average Witness will continue to follow Watchtower leadership whether right or wrong.

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  • Beth Sarim
    Beth Sarim

    More and more bizarro all the time, to say the least. If you went through some time warp from the 1980's till now, you'd hardly recognize this ''religion'' anymore. Music videos, cartoon characters, debit and credit card machines set-up ''''conveniently throughout the facility''. Idolizing of the governing body members, it sure parallels other religions doesn't it??? The rank and file, most of them are in such a zombie like ''trance'', they would never realize it.

    They would hardly even recognize the difference, ''right or wrong''.

  • steve2

    The most we can hope for is those on the fringes of this organization don't move closer in and those who are vulnerable to JWs' message can make an informed choice.

    There are lots of "encouraging" signs that they growth heyday of the organization is over. For those never in this organization, it holds virtually no appeal - whereas in the past, the ratio of newcomers to those already in was very high.

    Besides, the door-to-door zeal JWs were once known for has dropped off significantly in more recent decades.

    No more.

  • ttdtt

    Thats why it is a CULT!

  • Chook

    In the old days just to abreviate Jehovah's Witness with JW was considered blasphemy, now head office dose a complete 180 degrees and the Warwick popes endorse the blue and white logo. All Jws need to be asked how does wt bring back the dead who didn't take life saving blood factions , was it God or man that banned blood factions. Most are fully in the cult till death but curiosity of the internet in the privacy of their homes has many of thousands lurking in the back ground reading.

    I know I read apostate stories a few years before I left, but I got busy with work and was in a busy routine af meetings ect and forgot the ttat. Then when I sat a thought about the whole Christian concept, about the man Jesus and if he had a religion today would they report monthly hours requirements and would he have shunned a child for changing religion. The JWs sold a good story about the paradise pandas and the rising of the dead, but after experiencing the corporate wt head hunters and their dealings with the flock , l knew from that epiphany moment thinking about a new world ruled by these supposedly elder/ princes would be torturous to say the least.

    Bro Herd in heaven looking down and judging all the women who he thinks have smaller brains ( it's on the record ). What hope would earth really have?

  • sparrowdown
    Maybe yes, maybe no. My thoughts are that people have woken up and have either left or are in the process of leaving and I think this slow trickle mutiny will continue, but, there will be those who will remain loyal to the mothership even as it changes into another format.

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