The average Witness will continue to follow Watchtower leadership whether right or wrong.

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  • stuckinarut2

    There has been a steady decline in the "growth rate" for some years EDUCATED and ADVANCED nations.

    The only real growth the society is experiencing is in underdeveloped nations with little education...

    For those who have invested their whole lives - well, there may be little hope of them awakening. But as for NEW ones coming in, I think those days are over for the society.

  • stuckinarut2
  • Island Man
    Island Man

    The psychology of JWs is not unlike the psychology of a crazed fan of a soccer team (or other competitive sport). The fan supports his team no matter what. If a member of the team is penalized by the umpire for an infringement of the rules, then the fan gets upset with the umpire. His team can do no wrong. It's the umpire's fault. He's either incompetent or he's supporting the other team.

    It's also the same psychology of supporters of political parties. Trump is the best president the US has ever seen and no amount of hard, disconfirming facts or scandals will change their mind about that.

    What the JWs are exhibiting is not zeal for God, but a prideful, worshipful, patriotic allegiance to the organization and its Governing Body. It's quite ironic that JWs condemn blind political patriotism while they themselves are clearly victims of blind patriotism to an organization.

  • pale.emperor

    Some quotes from my Uber-JW mum:

    "If the Watchtower says the sky is green then it is green, and our eyes must be wrong."

    "It doesn't matter what "the facts" show, Jehovah is never wrong".

    When i was trying to get into University after i left school: "What would you want an education for in this system?"

    When an alcoholic elder beat up his wife and his wife left him. He wasn't removed and only 6 months later was on the platform at the circuit assembly as an example of devotion: "Jehovah chose him himself to be an elder, so there must be more to the story than what we know."

    So you can see why growing up in that house was toxic. Internet was not allowed in her house until JW.borg came along, suddenly it was the most amazing educational tool from Jehovah.

  • smiddy

    Stuckinarut2 that sums up JW`s as much as other cults.Very good

  • notsurewheretogo
    notsurewheretogo mean it is a cult? Gasp...

    We have the GB saying that the dubs should follow their advice "even if it seems unreasonable from a human standpoint" and then later they say that they are not inspired, are not infallible and every doctrine and policy can be wrong...

    And yet everyone still listens, obeys and be blessed, at the cost of what was it? 30,000 lives lost from 1961 to 2016 because of the DF on taking blood...

  • Latte

    What you say is true. BUT I have had certain success in chatting with the JW's located all over my city! I try not to miss a chance to challenge their beliefs when I HAVE to pass them. THEY are there to challenge peoples I feel it correct and proper that I challenge their faith too. No one had the guts to challenge my faith when i was a young JW woman...i see it as a kindness on my part to attempt to make them think. I know i have helped one young man leave and get on with his life. i know I have made others think more also.

    It is a great opportunity to make them think as they wont run away and have to listen.

  • punkofnice

    I know what you mean shacky.

    I have to think back to when I was a fully indoctrinated and brainwashed jobo. I was afraid to disagree with the GB because this, in my mind, was the same as disagreeing with god.

    That's the complication here. GB = God. Except when they're 'just imperfect men(tm)'.

  • UnshackleTheChains
    "If the Watchtower says the sky is green then it is green, and our eyes must be wrong

    I think it boils down to human nature. Collectively, people generally go along with the crowd.

    Normally, questioning the policies and practices of any organisation can be a positive influence in moving an organisation forward. But when constructive critisicm is completely curtailed by the leadership of an organisation, then this can only lead to negative criticism and bad publicity. We see this happening with the Watchtower Society today.

    Yet, despite all the bad publicity in the media, Jehovahs Witnesses continue to look to its leadership for direction 'regardless'!

  • pepperheart

    This is why all the cuts are so good because when the money from selling the family silver has run out (selling the new york and london bethels) they will have to start selling kingdoms halls off and that will make it harder for people to get to a kingdom hall

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