You Tube Questions about Watchtower Property

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  • vienne


    I watched the video; it's a solid rant but revealing. How deeply was Mike involved in the Watchtower? Marginally, I'd say because he can't pronounce the name of the church. "Jehovah witnesses"? Really? What happened to the possessive ending? Is he angry at anything other than being disfellowshipped? Hurt his pride, did it?

    He thinks of himself as a scholar, but his anti-Bible rants represent old, sometimes discredited scholarship. Fine. You have to start somewhere. But if you want to appear to be a scholar you should be current. And poor grammar and disjointed, angry rants do not indicate rational thought.

    He calls out people who pointed out their fakery, not with proof we were wrong, but because we're probably Watchtower agents and mindless. He approves of lies to discredit Jehovah's Witnesses. One does not need lies to do that. If you rely on every 'false story' that comes along, as k and m seem to do, then you appear to be a 'clown.' Those who expose K and M's foolishness are not the clowns in this adventure.

    He does not understand the laws on libel and slander. Someday someone will, as he says "bring it on."

    He seems to point to his many subscribers as proof of something. Hitler had many followers, and all that proved is that people are gullible and some will believe anything. Oppose the Witness faith all you want. Fine. But at least present us with something meaningful and TRUTHFUL.

    I don't subscribe to their channel. If I did, I would unsubscribe. They are one of the most disappointing anti-Watchtower video producers.

  • JeffT

    Kim and Mikey

    You have once again managed to evade the real issues here. You can't, or won't, examine what's been brought up on this thread. The horse is dead, I'll stop beating it.

    However I will give you one thing: you're right I don't get it. You don't fight propaganda with more propaganda, you fight propaganda with Truth. You don't fight anger with more anger, you fight anger with kindness.

    It must be hard going through life with all that anger.

  • vienne


    I don't think they managed to evade the real issues. They tried, tried hard. But they failed. The last video seems to suggest that they feel the 'ground' under them caving in.

    They have three choices. 1. Reform and produce something meaningful without the childish ranting and name calling. 2. continue as they are. Everyone likes to watch a clown. 3. Quit.

  • Listener

    I am grateful that we have ex JW forums such as this major one, where we can find support in various ways.

    Even the person who down voted the most recent post by Vienne must feel some satisfaction in doing so and without the need to explain/defend themselves.

    I have found it to be an important method of being transparent in discussing issues related to JW issues or other matters that are of concern or interest to us.

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