You Tube Questions about Watchtower Property

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  • vienne

    If it was me, I'd sue the pants off Kim and Mikey. But it's not me, so they're okay on that front.

  • dropoffyourkeylee

    Thanks JeffT.

    I haven’t watched the videos in question, but from your research I doubt this has any JW connection.

  • smiddy3

    Thanks for the clarifications Jeff T.

  • Newly Enlightened
    Newly Enlightened

    @listener Smurf girl wouldn't give me the entire audio clip and couldn't give me the link to grab her video with it in it. I have taken the video down because I cannot verify whether Julie said these things or not

  • DesirousOfChange

    If it was me, I'd sue the pants off Kim and Mikey.

    Lawyers do not work for free. They are expensive. There must be something "at the end of the rainbow" to make it worth going through the litigation to sue for liable. If you've watched any of Mikey/Kim videos then you have no doubt seen their lavish studio office (NOT) and their expensive taste in stylish dressing/grooming (NOT), not to mention their obvious level of education. No sensible lawyer would walk across the street to sue these people.

    It's obvious that they were JW's for most of their lives (gaving everything to the bOrg) and have paid a dear price for that. I think they are very sincere in their attempt to "expose the Watchtower" and while they (esp Mikey) often get carried away and boorishly long winded, I hope they are indeed helping/warning/enlightening others and finding a therapeutic value for themselves.

    Let's review: It's a Cult!

  • Listener

    Newly Enlightened, that's great. I contacted Julie advising her of the video a few hours ago so I would think that she would have done the same thing as she did with SmurfGirls video and lodged a privacy issue with YouTube. That would probably have resulted in it being taken down by YouTube. So it's much better that you've done it without getting a bad mark from YouTube. I do appreciate your work and I know you are sincere but sometimes a bad source can cause things to go wrong.

    Watchtower Property Co. is a real business emloying people and I can only imagine it would be awful to be connected to the JWs when they aren't and also to have a phone call edited/manipulated wrongly.

    Thanks for confirming about the phone call audio clip and that it wasn't you that edited it. The fact that Smurfgirl wouldn't give you the whole clip speaks for itself. The clip you had was even more cropped than the one she had put up on her channel.

    I wish we could all trust each other and I hope this hasn't caused any distress for you or Mike. There's too much misinformation in the World these days and it's not easy to get to the truth of a matter.

    You've helped a lot of JWs/ex JWs and your support and love for your fellow man is appreciated by many.

  • Downtowner

    This forum sure has changed. I think it’s pretty pathetic when everybody that has the same cause might disagree with somebody or some information they have taken it as far as reporting them just because they think they said something wrong? How are you any better than Watchtower? When activist start going against other activists is a sad day. People on this forum have become pathetic. Instead of using your energy fighting amongst each other and giving Watchtower ammo y’all need to be going after Watchtower. So instead of bitching about another activist and stirring up trouble like little spoiled brats why don’t you create your own YouTube channel, unless of course you are secretly part of Watchtower.

  • vienne


    That kind of unity is Watchtower thinking. If you want freedom of thought, you will have disagreements. And allowing a false report to represent those who oppose the Watchtower (or merely find it a strange religion) does more harm than a united front behind the erroneous report.

    Do you really want us all to blindly follow what ever negative thing is said about the Watchtower? True or not?

    False statements, contrived stories, the sensationalism used in place of rational thought, the simple moronism found in some youtube videos makes those who reject Watchtower doctrine and practice appear stupid. Do you really want us all to look stupid just for the sake of unreachable unity?

    I reject that thinking.

  • Jofi_Wofo

    20 years ago, before I was baptized into the JW religion, I took a look at what some apostate websites had to say. Unfortunately, they were the wrong kind of apostates that fell right into the Watchtower stereotypes. I learned not to take detractors seriously and it was a LONG time before I honestly revisited my beliefs and was willing to see what others had to say.

    In what turned out to be a really embarrassing lack of judgement on my part, I ended up being stumbled into the truth. I take responsibility for my own bias blind spot, but I'll never know how differently my life would have turned out if the first thing I saw when I typed "Jehovah's Witnesses controversies" into Yahoo! search was something along the lines of jwfacts and JW Watch, rather than some barely coherent conspiratorial ravings.

    There's a time and a place for righteous indignation, but it should never get in the way of high quality research and accurate reporting.

  • Listener

    Newly Enlightened/Kim has posted a new Video on her YouTube Channel about this thread and states-

    And I also want to mention that we took down our Watchtower Property Video because of, I mean, OMG it has been just unbelievable. Um, the biggest thing is over on and you know, I usually don't go over there much but, you know, a couple of people have sent me links to the conversation going on and if these people are exJWs then this is exactly what Mike and I have been talking about, you know, we don't know if they are Watchtower Trolls or just haters or what but they are actually threatening to contact that Julie of Watchtower Property and she sue us, file a lawsuit for libel .

    So you can see, this is what we have to deal with all the time, all the time, you know, this is why, you know, Smurfgirl took her video down, because same thing, because they filed complaints and everything else.

    So anyway, we are still investigating to see, you know, all of the connections and there's a lot of people we have found that, in their profile for other Real Estates, they actually say they are a partner in the Watchtower Property and so, you know, we are looking at that and many of you have sent me research and information about this Watchtower Property and some of the other, you know, Real Estate Property Management, you know, who are involved with them and so, anyway, we're still investigating but I just wanted to get everybody an update on the court case ....."

    Starts at 2.07

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