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  • jp1692

    The subject of having and respecting appropriate boundaries is a very important one. High-control, authoritarian cults such as JWs routinely disregard them, trespassing egregiously on our personal mental, emotional, spiritual and sometimes even physical spaces.

    As many of us well know, families are often ruined as a result of this. It takes a lot of hard work to repair these boundaries once they have been broken. This work begins by first recognizing that our boundaries have been violated.

    Here is one of my favorite threads on the topic:

  • Dagney

    Good subject and OP! Nice to see you ATJ.

    It's amazing to me how many give their power over to the religion...a religion that changes its rules and regulations whenever some GB gets a "brilliant idea."

    I learned at a young age from a young sister who had just been reinstated, how intrusive the questioning was by the JC. I was appalled, at probably 15 yo, and vowed I would never answer such questioning, which probably would mean my DF'g. The head elder in her JC ended up being a pervert and fired from his teaching job and DF'd a few times.

    You need a sense of self, self worth to recognize the violation of boundaries. It soars like a red flare when breached. There are things that are your business only, and not that of uneducated counselors AKA the elder body and WT corporation.

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