Had you thought of feeling sorry for the G.B?

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  • LoveUniHateExams

    Is it possible to "PITY" these men who deliberately in my opinion spread lies and untruths? - absolutely not. If the WT told a lie once, or mishandled child abuse once, or mentally manipulated its followers once, then maybe. But with the rare exception of Ray Franz, all WT leaders and GB members have done the above. Any who knew TTATT but did nothing were enablers.

    a friend of mine once said he felt sorry for the footballers who made so much money - again, zero sympathy from me. Most footballers are extremely talented and dedicated but, let's face it, they get paid silly money to kick a ball about. If players in the Premiership, Bundesliga, etc. can't see how lucky they are then that's their problem.

  • LisaRose

    My husband's family has a saying, it's pretty much the family motto, it's this: if you are looking for sympathy, you can find it in the dictionary, it's between shit and syphilis.

    These demi gods may be sincere in their beliefs, who knows, but they didn't get where they are without sweeping a lot of dirt under the rug and hurting a lot of people. They could not possibly be ignorant of the broken families, the suicides, the lives ruined, all because of their harsh shunning policies and their need for absolute control. Somewhere along the way they lost their humanity. I will save my sympathy for the people who's lives they ruined.

  • John Aquila
    John Aquila

    People who lost a loved one because of the blood doctrine, people who went to prison for years because of the neutrality policy, people whose spouse left them because of the apostasy hysteria, parents who have not talked to their DF children, and Children who shun their parents because the parents saw the hypocrisy and DA themselves, and people who didn't have children because they were convinced to pioneer because the end was coming,and people who are old and struggling because they listened to the GB not to get higher education.

    How can these people have pity for these men??.

  • GrreatTeacher

    People who live counterfeit lives are to be pitied for their impoverished life experience.

    This is not to say that I feel bad for them though. You made your bed and all that...

  • prologos
    someone said "The world is run by incompetents" because in the corporations, everybody is promoted just one notch above their true capacity. To have reached this level they must have displayed, or hidden, a great deal of ambition. Like Knorr, they might have even had, still have, an action plan of their own in the drawer. I have the impression that at least one of them I know must be chafing under the restraint that their "spiritual inheritance" as G.O.D. imposes on them. let's wait and see how they deal with what has to come now to discover how they should be judged. at the moment though: sorry,? no.
  • Bonsai
    Feel sorry for them?? They've destroyed people's lives through there fundamentalist interpretations of an ancient collection of scrolls. They've dashed peoples hopes and ambitions. They've gotten fat off the labor of the poor. Feel sorry for their fat asses? When hell freezes over... or maybe when $$Wall$$Kill$$ assets freeze over. Nope not even then, either.
  • The Rebel
    The Rebel

    Ok my point of the O.P was, by resenting the G.B, the only person I am hurting is myself.

    Maybe I am selfish, but what good does it do me to fick, suit, and piss my life away hating the G.B.

    Why not just feel sorry for them and move on?

    I mean I can't just pretend they didn't exist. So I can either hate them or pity them?

    I am not wasting my life on hate I choose pity any day?

    But I also appreciate the comments that offer justified reasons why they hate the G.B.

    I am just talking about where I am in life.

    The Rebel.

  • prologos
    The Rebel: "--hating the G.B.--" hating can be such a noble attitude
  • punkofnice
    Reb - Why not just feel sorry for them and move on?

    Rather than feel sorry, why not feel nothing?

  • Bonsai

    If pity is what helps you to move on then more power to you. Just be careful that pity doesn't turn into empathy and even sympathy for them having to sleep in the bed that they have happily made.

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