Do You Still Feel Obliged To Answer To The Elders?

by minimus 36 Replies latest jw friends

  • seedy3

    LOL, not only is the answer NO! But An adjective needs to go infront of that........ HELL NO!!! When they wanted me to come to my JC meeting I had been inactive for quite a few years, Had not even been to a meeting in 3-4 years, seperated from my wife, and had moved 300 miles away from the congregation, and they wanted me to drive all that way just so they could DF me. I bassically said that if you pay my hotel, and gas to get there I would be more then happy to go, Well of course they said no they wouldn't and got kinda snooty with me, so I told them "There isn ot a single person where I live now that knows me as a JW, I am not a JW and you can take that JC meeting and shove it where the sun don't shine......... needless to say I got DF'd LMAO. If somehow they find out I am here in Guam and stop by, I will gladly talk to them on my own terms, but not theirs, and not on an offical basis, they have no authority over me in any way shape or form. Most JW's, when they stop by in the field service leave with their tails tucked between their legs. But I always make it a point to not let them know I was ever a JW. so they always come back for more, usually a different person though. TE HE HE HE.


  • gumby

    I think a good title also would have been..." Would you STILL feel intimidated by an Elders visit"

    I would not at all ever feel obligated in the sense if they "wanted to speak with me " sense, but rather an obligation in the sense of letting them know what I know and why I feel the way I do.

    Would my heart pound like hell and would I shake......even though I KNOW what to say and that they are wrong and I know it............Oh Yeah! Why? Don't know


  • minimus

    Did you know that the elders are only men? Who cares how they feel? If they ask to talk to me, I may or I may not talk to them regarding a matter.It depends upon my mood. I've been asked to have a shepherding call and I smiled and said, "No thanks". Then I give them "that look". So far, I have not been bothered by anyone.

  • freedom96

    Ultimately no, I don't feel as though I must answer up to the elders. Hard though, after so many years of being taught that they were an authority figure.

    Part of me wants to have a showdown with them, the other half says to let it go.

    All being said, it just isn't worth it. So I just don't talk.

  • TresHappy

    I view seeing an elder as mostly an annoyance. There was a whole contigent of them at my grandmother's funeral (grandma wasn't a JW, but Dad insisted on giving the poor woman a JW funeral - how depressing is that...) I don't even want to think about them showing up on my doorstep, which I think they will any day now. I hope not, I sincerely hope not...

  • obiwan

    Answer for what? They don't pay my bills.

  • minimus

    obiwan, they didn't pay your bills when you were a JW, either.

  • obiwan

    Minimus, nor did they teach me or us to put some effort into education and providing for ourselves.My response was to your question, they have done nothing but hurt me not help me so why should I answer to them?

  • El Kabong
    El Kabong

    If they approach you especially after being out for some time, just look behind them at their backside and tell them that it's amazing they still have that stick up their ass after all these years. Usually, they go away after that comment.

  • rocketman

    Since I was one at one time, yeah, I still kind of think that they are just trying to do what they think is their job, so I play along.

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