Masionic Rings worn on right hand.

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  • WildSteve

    Are you serious? It wouldnt matter if Steve Lett just came out and said actually those of us high enough up in the Borg are all free masons?

  • WildSteve
    pale.emperor6 minutes ago

    So? Even if they are masons why would that be a problem?

    I know know what breakfast cereal Stephen Lett eats. That doesn't mean he's keeping it a secret. Whether someone belongs to a charitable fraternity or not doesn't matter to me.


    I cant believe this comment. Seriously, are you a troll or somehow trying to deflect, to protect something?

    There is nothing to see here, look away. Never look for these types of things ever.

    Read some of these mentions of Masonic people suposedly having to leave the order to become a JW.

    the truth is they never leave, and only the highest up in the Borg get to be a part of the high up secret society.

    Phillip Marsh the overseer of the dining room in London Bethel has recently got high enough to be involved.

  • Exelder

    Would this 'secret' be kept from ALL the elders, Bethelites and Overseers?

    I was an elder and Bethelite and knew lots of Circuit and District Overseers (as was) and there wasn't even a whisper of such a thing.

    I don't understand the point of this thread. Are we now saying that the Borg is now run by the Masons?

    Why not say that the Pope is also in on it as well and it is all the same organisation just with different names.

    PS. Have you ever been a JW before WildSteve?

  • Searril

    So why does Steven Let keep wearing this masonic ring on his right hand?

    Maybe it's not a Masonic ring. Maybe he just wants to be a guido.

  • Drearyweather

    How do you know its a masonic ring?

    I know you have asked us to see the August 2018 broadcast, but sorry I have a poor eyesight and can't make out anything from that ring from afar.

    Can you post a close up of that ring with the symbols that prompted you to conclude that Steven Lett is a freemason?

  • punkofnice

    I can't see the ring properly to assess what it is. I would be surprised if they wore rings in plain sight that were against WBT$ rules.

    I need to have things explained to me because I think I'm missing the point here,

    1. If it IS/they ARE a Masonic ring/s, why would the 8 Warwick perverts wear them in plain sight? That seems a bit dim.

    2. If they are Masonic, what is their end game?

    3. What does it mean to us specifically? Yes. Why all the fuss?

    What I want to get to grips with is pretty much what Paley was getting at, why SPECIFICALLY does it matter?

    Are Freemasons evil? What's the deal?

    Can someone answer this so I can understand where they are coming from?

    Is it just that we want to pin something shocking onto the GB that isn't there?

    Unconfuse me please.

    Wildone - Phillip Marsh the overseer of the dining room in London Bethel has recently got high enough to be involved.

    I have to say I've never heard of him. what is it that he'd be involved in? Where is the evidence? Is there something we can see that proves this?


    It wouldn’t surprise me if it turned out to be true. Even so, if it were true, what would that mean?

    Why would being a mason be any worse than being a Catholic? Other than the governing body not being genuine, which we all know already, what is the significance?

    Let me add that I’m more concerned with the pedophile protecting policies of the WTBTS.

    Given that religion is a multi-billion ( maybe trillion ) dollar industry, it would not surprise me if one or two entities owned all the Xian religions. It’s a great way to control sheeple and a fabulous way to gain wealth, especially through Real Estate, which is a tried and true money maker.

    I wish I ran a tax free Real Estate business with volunteers..

    DD. 🤔🤑🤑🤑🤑

  • TD


    I enjoyed the movie National Treasure too, but you understand that was fiction right?

  • pale.emperor

    I cant believe this comment. Seriously, are you a troll or somehow trying to deflect, to protect something?

    Seriously, I'm asking you what your issue is with Freemasons? What are you accusing Freemasons of exactly? Why would being a Freemason make you skittish?

  • dubstepped

    I have a friend that's a Freemason. They do lots of charity work. He's a great guy.

    The Freemason thing is of no consequence. There has never been any proof other than inference that the JWs have any ties to them, people that have researched to try to get proof have failed. Bbbbbbbut, a pinky ring! Gasp!

    There are way bigger and more real issues to get all riled up about. The theory is interesting, but without conclusive proof it means very little.

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