Southern California USA Congregations of Jehovah's Witnesses On High Alert

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  • Landy

    At the very least, if it upsets or frightens some old person or child, it's the wrong thing.

    I also think some nutter bursting in to a KH has may have a different feel to it in heavilly armed USA then somewhere like britain where gun crime is very rare.

  • Landy

    It's also very telling to notice how there seems to be no will among street preaching JW's to refute kevin's "false" statements regarding pedophiles. It SHOULD bother them, like it bothered ME a few years ago. I know JW's cannot talk to apostates, but let's hope some will check jwfacts or the ARC at the privacy of their homes.

    It's not telling at all. If I was a JW and that happened I would just be shaking my head at them thinking 'fucking idiot'. No conversation needed.

  • Landy

    Intropist, I don't live in the USA, but witnesses invite the general public to visit their meetings, especially the public talk.

    I would imagine it's still private property and you can be asked to leave.

  • stuckinarut2

    Activity like this just reinforces the stereotype that all who leave "the truth" are "mentally diseased"

    It enhances their persecution complexes too.

  • undercover

    These stunts do some of us faded ones with family still in no favors either. While I'm fully out, it's a struggle to get family members to use critical thinking skills in all matters JW/WTS. Just when you think you've made some progress, they see crap like this, and it drives them back in further. It may not be a rational reaction on their part, but they're indoctrinated to fear opposers, so these stunts are counter productive when you get right down to it.

    And similar to Simon's comment, and I've said it before as well - JWs have as much right to worship in their Kingdom Halls as do Baptists in their churches, Catholics in their churches, and Mormons in their places of worship. Singling out JWs for harassment is just sour grapes on an ex-member's part. The best revenge is living well, and leaving well enough alone.

  • steve2

    "Southern California USA Congregations of Jehovah's Witnesses On High Alert" - that is the deliberate name of this thread. My first thought was some nutjob is threatening to blow up kingdom halls. Well, as it turns out out, he "simply" loudly declares a prayer - innocent right? NO.

    In this age of high alert and sensitivity about the potential for mayhem in public places, someone barging into a kingdom hall and uttering a prayer seems almost purposely designed to unnerve and terrorize. What do terrorists do before they detonate bombs? They call out to "Allah" with a loud declarative prayer.

    It is naïve in the extreme to say that someone who invades others' place of meeting and worship has balls. No he hasnt. He's a typical coward looking for an audience to scare. He would never invade the headquarters of a gang to do this sort of stuff. He has purposely selected his group. He knows they will most likely not physically attack him back.

    He is a bully, simply playing an old, old game that males love to play: Exert control over others to make a dubious point and show absolutely no regard for terrifying those caught up in this stupid little "game" of hit and run.

  • Giordano

    I wonder if Kevin also invades other religious services. Does he try to hijack a Mormon service or a Scientology session?

    Probably would get a few lumps before he got away if indeed he could get away. Held for the police no doubt.

    If he's just targeting the JW's then he is definitely a problem not a solution. If he's not anti all religion then what's his point.....that the JW's don't measure up to his standards?

    Even if he presents himself as an affable person he is still scaring those people who are least able to defend themselves.

  • JW GoneBad
    JW GoneBad

    Sorry, Steve, if you got ruffled over the title of the thread. Would this of met your approval:

    "Southern California USA Congregations of Jehovah's Witnesses Have Gotten Their Feathers Ruffled"

    Actually, many congregations are treating this as a worse case scenario! Some congregations are locking their doors after meetings start. Brothers are being placed in the lobby, outside the front entrance as well as at strategic locations in the parking lot. Many congregations are strongly appealing to the servant body to do their best to not miss meeting so as to have enough manpower on hand to deal with more serious disruptions.

    In any case Steve, would it be okay if next time I PM you with a suggested title thread before I hit the send button? :) :)

  • Crazyguy

    Planting seeds at a cart would be way more effective. When someone does what Kevin does at a KH it's just a train wreck and the people aren't really paying attention to what's he's says just at the spectacle. It definitely reinforces their persecution complex.

    I would rather go to a cart and mention something about the Bible they don't know and get them question the book , way more effective!

  • Israel Ricky Gonzales
    Israel Ricky Gonzales

    I am literally laughing my fucking ass off at all the whiners, including the owner's comments. Tomorrow's posts will probably have Kevin blowing up a kingdumb hell while shouting JWfacts . com. Have you Debbie downers ever thought that innocuous websites like this one plays into JW thinking of apostates and those that leave as being bitter, mentally diseased, and critical of "Jehovah's celestial chariot"?

    And we have another XJW suggesting that someone needs help. May as well have said Kevin Bunker needs professional help.

    Good fucking grief.

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