Southern California USA Congregations of Jehovah's Witnesses On High Alert

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  • steve2

    Kevin unwittingly inoculates the JWs against apostasy. He gives them something to fight against. Nice one Kevin.

  • Israel Ricky Gonzales
    Israel Ricky Gonzales

    Haters gonna hate. Keep it up Kevin! Do not give up (see what I did there) I love this aggressive activism more and more each time I hear XJWs complain and whine because they are worried bout what cult members think of former members.

  • steve2

    XJWs complain and whine because they are worried bout what cult members think of former members.

    Not so. JWs hate my guts anyway. I've got nothing to lose.

    Some of my comments were about the low effectiveness of aggressive activism. Which ex-JWs on this forum were won over by aggressive activism? I'd say very few, if any. Story after story after story here reflects individuals doing their own research, using their brains and biding their time and making their own decisions.

    Aggressive activism makes a huge initial impact but quickly fizzles in effectiveness.

    It takes as its starting point that you shock people by in-their-face pronouncements. If I must communicate with JWs - especially those who don't know me - why would I seek to purposely alienate them? What is the gain?

    Unless of course the purpose is to openly provoke and upset, regardless of receptivity - kind of like 'lets blow these fish out of the water' and be done with any longer term purpose.

  • Israel Ricky Gonzales
    Israel Ricky Gonzales

    For the record, I was being facetious by calling "I'm Worldly's" activism aggressive. I don't consider it aggressive at all.

    Without any data to back up claims on the effectiveness of one form of activism over another, then really it's just conjecture. Yes, it's probably safe to say more JWs wake up by researching things outside the approved publications, but then again, the point is that something triggers them to do so. They typically just don't wake up one day and say, let me google Jehovah's Witnesses today. What I'm Worldly is doing may not make them want to do research immediately, but when they are motivated, they will remember him. And it's my opinion that his mentioning JWfacts . com in a Kingdom Hall will make young ones curious to look up the website on their smartphones and start them on their research.

    I am for all forms of activism as long as it doesn't involve violence. Write a logical and reasonable blog, AWESOME! Make a well thought-out YouTube video, GREAT! Muster up the courage to say a prayer in a Kingdom Hall or toast to the generation that will not pass away, BAD ASS! If there was a silver bullet that never set off JW apostate spidey senses, then I would say let's endorse this over that, but there isn't. Plain and simple. I certainly don't worry about what cult members think of me because unless they have doubts and are ready to wake up, everything I do is mentally diseased anyways no matter how reasonable and logical I present things. It's time to start patting each other on the back instead of discouraging others. Great job I'm Worldly!

  • Simon

    Don't post this shit on here again. JWs have the right to worship in peace in their own Kingdom Halls without harassment or threats. At some point, some idiot is going to go too far and hurt someone. There was someone on here last week posting videos who obviously has serious mental health issues - applauding this is dangerous.

    None of this convinces anyone, it just reinforces everything that they have been told about people who leave.

    Aggressive activism doesn't work. It guarantees that you are viewed as a nutty fringe bunch and nothing more.

  • Perry

    I pulled into a KH parking lot with my wife and kids late one Saturday morning and struck up a conversation with an elder. After showing him a quote from the Watchtower that Jesus was not his Mediator, he seemed genuinely surprised. I asked him if this concerned him.

    He said something I'll never forget. He said, "if what you are telling me is true, then I'm in the wrong religion".

    I left it at that and wished him a good day.

    Witnessing to JW's can be effective, but here's the deal: You must truly care about the individual you are talking to. If you don't, it will show and you will appear disingenuous. If your goal is win an argument, show them up as hypocritical, bash their church, or just grind your axe at their expense, you will not be effective.

    I appreciate this guy's desire to do "something", but he should do some soul searching, identify his own motives, and then examine what he wishes to accomplish. We should treat others the way we want to be treated. That is admittedly a tall order, but an excellent guide and goal.

  • JW GoneBad
    JW GoneBad
    Simon: Don't post this shit on here again...Aggressive activism doesn't work. It guarantees that you are viewed as a nutty fringe bunch and nothing more.

    Understood and I apologize. There is indeed a delicate balance in this type of anti-JW activism. It can in truth turn dangerous in a heartbeat!

  • yoko N
    yoko N

    Don't post this shit on here again

    Hi simon, Be civil, please.

    I don't think your remark is appropriate here.

  • Simon

    Thanks JW GoneBad.

    I really do understand why people find it appealing and want to share it / cheer it on.

    But I think it does more harm than good as other have explained far more eloquently than I can and there is a real danger that someone will take things way too far.

    At the very least, if it upsets or frightens some old person or child, it's the wrong thing.

  • redpilltwice

    I like "kevin's" video's and admire his courage.

    I don't think his activism is aggressive, he is in no way a Derek Ohare. He DOES use some shock tactics however that can make some people (especially some elders) feel uncomfortable. So what? There's activism everywhere! Simon calls it a wrong thing if it upsets or frightens some old person or child, but hey, Kevin is not lying and don't witnesses do much worse in jehovah's name by shunning people, scaring and messing up people's lives with false prophecies regarding the last days and cultish doom messages that 99,9%of the world population will die at armageddon, not to mention the damage done to abuse victims! One might not agree with what Kevin does, especially disturbing the prayers, but it's also my observation that he often tries to convey some element of concern and love, especially at the end of his video's when he is asked to leave the KH or when the street conversations end.

    Furthermore, as Pete Zahut already said, it's great to see through these video's how empty many halls are.

    Also, if kevin can invade so many KH's and reach so many cart witness places with his anti-witnessing...wouldn't it make someone think about god's holy spirit? I was always told that demons cannot enter god's house, but this evil, lying apostate at satan's right hand is allowed by jah to do a KH/cart witness tour in South California??? JW higher-ups are scrambling, not knowing how to deal with this situation? Come on!!!! Jah obviously is not concerned about his sheep getting so many opportunities to learn about "poisonous" TTATT! I say...let EVERY jw region worldwide have it's moderate kevin and let's see how many witnesses awake! Isn't that what we ex-jw's want deep in our hearts?

    Ok, one final observation... It's also very telling to notice how there seems to be no will among street preaching JW's to refute kevin's "false" statements regarding pedophiles. It SHOULD bother them, like it bothered ME a few years ago. I know JW's cannot talk to apostates, but let's hope some will check jwfacts or the ARC at the privacy of their homes.

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