The Captive Mind of a former bethalite.

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  • fulano

    At least they are in their own country ( most of them)... We had to leave (missionary-service) a tropical country and return to northern Europe in december, with no money nor a home.

    Lo que no te mata, engorda...They will get over it and will come out

    stronger...I loved my new life after a few months.. Money to spend and freedom. Left my privilege as an elder after a year or so arriving here and left the whole BS, including wife and everything.


  • jhine

    Rebel , even as a never a JW I can see sense in what your saying , if just some former Bethelites " turn " what damage they could do . I just hope that they can cope emotionally and financially .


  • OneFingerSalute


    Hit the wrong button. I am sorry, I meant to give a thumb up.

    Wouldn't it be nice to place them on opposite sides so this doesn't happen so easily?

  • eyeuse2badub

    Good post Rebel! Bad reply 'truthseeker100'!

    I'm with you Rebel. Beth-elites gave it their all only to be told; "via con Dios". What an empty feeling being 'dumped'.

    Most of us here were once very 'captive' to the wtbts. Like myself, many here had "privileges" in the borg. It seemed to be such a very worthy pursuit to be "used" in the congregation or to be a Beth-elite.

    Looking back now, we realize what a waste of valuable time spent on doing the bidding of an organization. I resent it and I believe that many of those dumped Beth-elites will also take a more realistic view of the borg knowing that that the were "used" alright!

    just saying!


  • DesirousOfChange

    Some of the best apostates are ex-Bethelites ...(long list follows)

    I think the numero uno was overlooked -- Ray Franz. (RIP)

    Thanks Ray.


  • tim3l0rd

    I definitely see some ex-bethelites and ex-SPs turning "apostate" once they experience life. There was already an anonymous letter from an SP that was posted a while back. It couldn't be authenticated, but I could definitely see a long time SP thinking that way.

    My hope is that as more leave they will take family & friends with them.

  • WingCommander

    Myself, I can't wait for the disgruntled ex-Bethellites to start showing up here, telling their stories, and opening up about what's REALLY going on and what it's REALLY like to live up in the Ivory Towers with the "F&DS".

    I just can't wait! It's going to be really something. We need to prepare ourselves for a nice influx, and roll out the red carpet for these "thirsty ones."

  • xjwsrock

    If we see fallout from the layoffs, which I think we will, it will be down the road and not all at once.

    The cult mind goes into overdrive when something like this happens. Right now, or in the very near future, they will be doing incredible mental gymnastics to justify this move that "Jehovah" did to them. They will search for new blessings and such in their new "assignments".

    Later on, when they slow down enough, they may start to think.

    When they do, the internet is waiting... moohahahahah!

  • fulano

    Don't expect to much from the ex-bethelites. There are few with theocratic knowledge and few are spiritual, a lot of them are at branches and at HQ just for image, to please family or any other convenient reason. I was surprised by the unspritual conversations we had when I arrived. Most chats were about allowance, better rooms, closer congregations etc. That and the fact that the higher rank brothers are not being dismissed.

  • Listener
    We should be feeling sorry for the ones left at bethel.

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