11-5-17 Warwick Protest Photos

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  • thebrokenkite

    @josephus Thank you for providing another well-thought-out perspective. I hope that it will provide for a more complete picture for others to draw their own conclusions.

    I also want to remind everyone these were my honest first impressions, have nothing to gain from them, and actually made the trip to satisfy my curiosity and report back on the events. I feel like someone who leaves an underwhelmed review of a particular dish at a hyped restaurant. I’m not going to pretend I liked it if I didn’t and there would no point in reporting back at all in that case. Would I welcome an opportunity to correct myself and try the same (but improved) or other dishes? Absolutely. In fact, I don’t know that we can commit now, but my work takes us overseas so it wouldn’t be an impossibility for us to attend the London protest, especially as I’ve had the opportunity to spend some time with the Italian field there. I’d be delighted to get to know you and some of the other organizers better.

    Lastly, I second my own motion regarding you, sir. I really believe you should be one of the louder voices in the movement. I appreciated your practical and timely advice to me as well. Hopefully we’ll see you in London. :)

  • Heather Collins
    Heather Collins

    No, you are mistaking what I am saying. I am for the apostates and I think they need to come together. I don't give a crap if you choose to "judge' my comment. I know what I meant. When I said, everyone is talking about it, I am meaning this page is NOT only ex jws it is also current jw and yes they are talking. So even her negative post, still chatter is happening. There are witnesses that pose as exjws and if you don't think so, then you are sadly mistaken.

    The only reason I posted several posts in a row in here, is because I was having problems with my computer posting what I was posting and it kept dropping me off. JUDGE much? Not only that, but I do have other thoughts that come in after posting all the time. After all my abuse and being hit in the head several time, there are some issues I have to endure. Try to give people chances instead of being so negative. For some reason, I can't add to previous posts after everytime I was dropped. You are jumping to conclusions. How about maybe not thinking the worst of people. What I have a problem with is the post. Let me start at the beginning.

    Most of the people that showed have never actually met. You need to be a bit more empathetic towards the situation and start maybe seeing this in other people's shoes instead of your over the imaginative idea of what was going to happen or how it was "supposed" to happen. There was NO plan except where to meet. Sooooo several traveled there not even knowing the area. Give them a bit of slack would you? Fateful Slave only wore tennis shoes because he had no more room in the luggage since he had to pack light because of the train. Wow, I can't believe you judged someone because of their clothing. Ok, he handed out books. Big deal, maybe some asked for him to bring them. He gave them as gifts and didn't charge. Still, you judge. Each person, let's not call them Apostates since it's demeaning. Each person has their own style due to the emotions they feel and what has happened. Don't discount that, it takes all kinds to he hears. Not all listen to soft and gentle ways, some need the slap in the face loud in your face kind. Remember it's not done for a "look" it's done to same people and the children. I'm not sure why you are "reviewing" people on Yelp since yelp is for businesses. That's just weird. Ok about the dress attire again. You don't know each person's situation of why they wore what they wore. You are asking them to try to dress like witnesses and act like witnesses and be organized like witnesses. If you miss it, you can always go back, oh wait, your an apostate, good luck with that Pedro. Your choice of dress does not mean that yours was right and everyone else's was wrong. Agan, this is no an organization. These are just people that wanted to get the attention of the Watchtower and the real point at hand. The belief of partaking only for the anointed is a Jehovah's Witness teaching ONLY. Again, if you want to keep with their false doctrines, dress, programs and organization, I suggest you go back. Oh again, you can't. Calling someone "Christs brother" is absolutely hateful just because he chooses to have long hair. Smh again more judging of people trying to do good. I think it's funny how you judge them for getting in the car and making plans where to go door to door, but yet you keep talking about how they don't act or dress like witnesses. Maybe you should rethink about going back. wait, you can't. Now, your going to judge them discussing their past "accomplishments" in the meeting which all already know of. What else do you expect them to discuss? They are all going thru the same thing you are. Everyone deals with it differently. Even you. There is NO film footage of bad police issues. If so, then present them for your statements. Nothing testy happened because it was a "peaceful protest". I don't think you really left. You are sounding like a Jehovah's Witness hateful snob. "their stories took turns that seemed unlikely or exaggerated" HOW DARE YOU!!!! How unfeeling and hateful can you be? More and more you sound like a JW and not an exjw. I bet once you are found out about who you are, after your post, I doubt anyone will want to "collaborate" with you for fear of you lashing out if you don't agree. That's a JW trait too. I'm glad you are finding your own style of speaking out, but maybe you need to tweak it if you want to be heard. Take the expectations down about 30 notches. If you want to be a "leader" then be a leader, but these people have already stated they don't want to be your leader. Each is doing their own thing and they are DONE with "leaders". Step up to the plate and demonstrate otherwise instead of pointing a finger (jw trait again). You said "I'm saying that even when I was ACTUALLY sick, I would still play it up to make sure my mom would give in." Sooooo you want them to lie and act? If you want to be deceitful and hide things then maybe you need to be following Cedars. I am glad to see exjws smiling, that shows to everyone, that happiness is possible outside the organization. Each person put their own time and effort into making those signs. Putting others down because of their signs, I can't imagine how many peoples feelings you hurt from your post. I'm sure each person was proud of their signs that they did and you just bashed their ideas and efforts. You said :"They also seemed to each has a different grievance to air, and some were in poor taste" again, you are being judgments. Everyone has their own issues with the organization. At least this was a great step for each person healing. As for your last paragraph, again, you have such "great ideas", then do them and quit judging everyone else and their efforts. No one wants to be controlled anymore nor to be "organized". If you want to do that, then that's great, but running everyone through the mud makes you look pretty bad. You seriously need to apologize to everyone you mentioned in this thread. I hope you do well with what you decide. It's a journey. You have a VERY long way to go. I was born into it and stay for many many many years. I personally won't follow any one person. I won't be responding anymore. I don't deal with negative people that want to act just like what I got out of. Have a great day everyone. :) The protest got their attention https://freefromwatchtower.blogspot.com/2017/11/watchtower-defends-two-witness-rule.html


    You want everyone else to use discernment because you are "groggy" but you aren't will to give that to anyone else.

    You are also wrong about no one listened and it did nothing. They even had a announcement and many still in the org, hidden, still in the congregations, said in an earlier statement that they got overran with questions after everyone left.

  • Heather Collins
    Heather Collins

    Last thing, I just saw this. Please, just in the future, remember even your own actions on here affect others. Other are all going through horrible tramas and are just trying to cope without being continually abused or judged. Try to come together and give a little more love and a little less public judgements. Everyone is trying.

  • sparrowdown

    Great to hear from you Neil aka the great apostate.

    I applaud yours and the others efforts to bring these issues to the fore smack dab in WT's dirty little backyard, well done mate, well done. Hope to see more in the future.

  • josephus

    Thank you! I will be changing my apostasy to include doing this more often. I think the biggest thing people miss out on was the mental health benefits those at Warwick got. It was incredibly cathartic for me and those meeting Youtube "Stars" were delighted and everyone had a story to tell! It was really hard to find enough time for all but worth it!

  • sparrowdown

    Great point josephus.

    I agree, one day of apostate voices coming together could equal a year of therapy!

  • Nacho Sanchez
    Nacho Sanchez

    Thank you josephus/Neil for offering a more in-depth and accurate picture of the event. I haven't watched too many of your videos, but your contribution there in Warwick was noteworthy.

    Regarding Gilbert (AKA "Sprinkler-Man"), you touched upon something that often gets lost in the mix. Full-disclosure here, I know Gilbert personally and was in the same circuit as him. You are right, Neil, that Gilbert will be hesitant to tell you what he puts into this. I can tell you he has put thousands of dollars of his own money regularly into his activism, the primary method of which is to this day the only 24/7 JW Crisis hotline that I know of. Gilbert is available 24/7 to anyone who calls into his hotline and has offered support in both English and Spanish. He has even saved a few lives by talking people down from suicide, much like you do Neil. I also can personally testify to the fact that Gilbert also put thousands of dollars into hiring a plane towing a sign with his crisis hotline number in huge letters around the convention in San Diego. (This sign was professionally made, BTW). He doesn't do this for publicity. He doesn't do this to get his name in the papers. He does this because this is what he feels he has to do. On his follow-up video, Gilbert did apologize for flipping off the JW security officers after they turned the sprinklers on him. He wishes the sprinkler incident didn't happen, but he's back at work now, trying to make a difference.

    Thanks again, Neil, for speaking out.

  • Listener

    Alexandra James from JW Victims mentioned a great point that I'll elaborate on.

    It's all fine and dandy to have a blog and Youtubes but what's also important is trying to find ways of getting JWs to look at them.

  • _Morpheus

    “Last thing, I just saw this. Please, just in the future, remember even your own actions on here affect others. Other are all going through horrible tramas and are just trying to cope without being continually abused or judged. Try to come together and give a little more love and a little less public judgements. Everyone is trying.”

    if only you could apply that to people still in the cult.

  • josephus

    A few points.

    Thank you all so much for saying I did a good job. My whole family were proud of me and even my non-JW inlaws are helping me plan for London! I will carry the memory of that event with me forever.

    Gilbert is one of the most decent and extrordinary men i have ever met. His kindness and decency are there for all to see and if anyone thinks they have reason to criticise him I'd remind them that he has a gigantic passion for others.

    To those who wanted better, it as as good as we could make it and good enough for the TV crew to tell me privately that we were a fantastic axample to everyone in the community.

    To those who have better ideas, please private message me to join the early planning for USA and London next year!

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