11-5-17 Warwick Protest Photos

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  • ScenicViewer

    An aside...

    thebrokenkite: We were the third apostate party at the apostate party.

    I like your way with words!

  • jaydee

    @ thebrokenkite ...

    would you be able to make the photos a free download at all ?

    I don't want to sign up for drop-anything , if I don't have to...

    Some who use drop box still have the option to download for free somehow.....

  • stuckinarut2

    It sounds like it will only play into the cliched view that the GB portrays of all who leave "the truth". They become "bitter and lost"

    The intentions are no doubt sincere, but it probably won't even make an impact on the society...

  • jambon1

    The only video I could stand to look at showed a group of people that looked like a teenager on a hyped up, drunken night out that turned out to be shit - shouting lots of nonsense and over exaggerated ‘fun’ being had.

    Guys making lots of noise and appearing overly passionate to make up for the lack of actual effective activism taking place. The ridiculous walk into the sprinklers is just stupid and I agree that it plays into the narrative you mentioned, that apostates are all crazy sons of bitches.

    I’m not into this type of activism. I’m not into disruption or making loud noises. People will disagree but I find it counter productive & easily dismissed by witnesses.

    If Watchtower are to be forced to wake up to their abuses and end them, it’ll not be because of this type of activism. It’ll be by thoughtful and considered dialogue with the authorities, current witnesses and Watchtower itself.

  • The Fall Guy
    The Fall Guy

    For me, Brokenkite's most profound and factual statement (with one disagreement) was this - And instead of targeting a J.W. audience, which is mostly futile, I think a well-balanced, factual, and emotional approach to a secular audience would put more pressure on Watchtower.

    Bethelites will most likely be in one of two camps - either they will be totally in awe of their golden calf - the WTBTS, or they have come to realise that their choice of servitude to the org has resulted in their social, familial, and mental imprisonment. Neither party's hearts or minds will be reached by such a method. It's like the J.W. claim that trolley-zombieism is giving "a great witness."

    Mostly futile? I'd say totally.

  • _Morpheus

    Pete (and others), i respect your well thought out reply to my criticisms of this form of protest. I point one thing that is innacurate in your reply: the disorganization is not because the apostate movment is “new”. Thats nonsense. This is 2017, almost 2018. The “apostate” movment started back in the mid 1930’s when the bible students split into two groups... more recently it began after the 1975 debacle. Then again in the early 1980’s after ray franz left. None of this new and to excuse this disorganized lunacy as a simple symptom of “newness” overlooks the real issues.

    1) most of these clowns are self made internet stars who crave adulation, not actually helping people out of the cult.

    2) often when people wake up to the truth they develop lives away from the cult and become happy living them. They dont care to have the cult continue to dominate their lives by protesting it. This makes organizing ex jw’s en mass difficult.

    3) a fair number of ex jw’s on this forum over the years have expressed a desire to be more activist but dont want to be associated with the sorts of wing nuts who are activists, like rick fearon or some of those who “lead” the protest this weekend.

    so whats to be done? When the only people who will lead are self aggrandizing clowns that sane people dont want to follow and a large number of sane and rational ex jw’s arnt interested in wasting more time on the cult we get what we saw this weekend: a small group with incredibly self centered motives recording themselves being jackasses who then, like baghdad bob, take to the internet and declare victory.

    I continue my slow clap for them.

  • nowwhat?

    You know what they say, organizing apostates is like herding cats!

  • freddo

    Diogenesister said "But what I'm dying to ask is:

    Did y'all wear headbands and wave sticks?!😂😂😂"

    I would add, and of course have a helium filled seven headed dragon in tow.


    Should have tried this .............................................never ceases to give me goose-flesh -

    [Great Rugger Team too !]


  • thebrokenkite

    Thanks for the kind words, everyone. I’m still learning to shed my JW diplomacy and hope I was neither timid nor harsh.

    @listener I can respect that. It was just the need to include that detail that seemed a bit off to me. After brief pleasantries, this gentleman let us know he was an anointed Witness along with his son and his son’s man bun. I guess he still had an unused strike before I called him out...

    @diogenesister I’m afraid I might be. 😅 I’d love to fill that gap, if you can explain.

    @zeb I mostly agree, except with the excuse for the disorder. I was never an elder, but my JW background made some things about the protest glaringly obvious to me. Some of the organizers are men who still humble brag about their responsibilities in the org and they took it upon themselves to organize the event. I’m sure if they held the positions they claim, they would’ve necessarily organized much more complex events.

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