11-5-17 Warwick Protest Photos

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  • Heather Collins
    Heather Collins

    well all the videos are here and NOTHING of what was stated happened. You expectations were far too high for unchartered waters. https://freefromwatchtower.blogspot.com/2017/11/november-5-2017-remember-remember-5th.html Remember, everyone is new and personally I think you owe the ones you tried to run their names in the mud, an apology. I'm sure they will forgive and speak with you. Maybe they are quiet too. All of us are taught to isolate ouselves a bit. Even myself I find having an issue with your statements. I'm confused, I'm not sure if I should be angry at your post or sad inside and it''s coming out as mean yourself.

  • thebrokenkite

    @Heather The only point of yours I wish to addresss is exactly that WE’RE the ones talking about it. The JWs that saw any of the fiasco were unmoved and by reports received from acquaintances in congregations in the area, normalcy was quickly restored after the shock and it was chalked it up to crazy apostates. If anything, barging into a KH and so crudely disrupting the service just reinforced their persecution complex. I offered an honest summary of the events as I saw them and related my impressions, which I didn’t expect all to agree with, and which no one else with firsthand info took the time to write about here. It’s very easy to offer support for these things in comments on a forum, but I actually went and gave up my Sunday, just like the apostates you support, driving there, checking it out, proofing and editing photos, and reporting back. I’ve already put my money where my mouth is, but have chosen a different “voice”.

  • thebrokenkite

    @Morpheus I agree on all fronts, sir, and have no problem with your clarification of my words. (Believe it or not, I tried to be objective.) It may not be possible to find someone who is relatable, likable, AND had the credentials to make it difficult for Watchtower to yell “Apostate lies!”, in which case I’d opt for the stories that really touch people, like the scenario you offered.

    The dress is not really a huge issue, as others have tried to make it for me. But if they came all this way and did all this, I’m sure they could’ve worn something besides sweatpants or a Blade Runner outfit. That’s all I’m saying. Don’t needlessly distract people trained to be easily distracted.

    I agree that there’s a lot of untapped potential but I can also see that type of apostasizing has support that would inevitably lead to further infighting, between a group that wants to push for a more serious type of advocacy and one that wants to do whatever it wants and genuinely believes Watchtower fears them, as Joel Martz announced at the protest on Sunday.

  • Onager

    Hi Heather Collins,

    Do you know one of the key signs of an internet ranter? Multiple posts without waiting for replies. Posting three times in a row says (to me) that you're here to preach, not to listen. This is a forum, a place for discussion.

    The other thing I'd like to address is your false dichotomy of protesting with placards being the only viable form of activism when you say “What did you do? How did you help? What did your signs look like?”. It has been said that the best way to defeat the organization is to live a happy life. There are many, maybe even a majority, EX-JW’s who disagree with active protest and do their bit to help in other ways, living happy lives, having lively discussions on forums… lots of different ways.

    Personally I can’t make up my mind as to whether active protests are a good thing or not, even after reading thebrokenkite’s well written and reasoned post, but I do know that It’s not the only positive course of action.

  • Ruby456

    Thanks heather Collins for that link and the emphasis that it is okay for anyone to protest

  • _Morpheus

    Really heather? The point was to catch the attention of other ex jw’s and get them to talk negatively regarding ex jw protests? In that case congratulations. I offer my further slow claps of mockery to you as well.

    if however your point was to get the wt orgs attention and somehow make a difference you and all your ilk failed miserably. Yet again. You made yourselves and all ex jw’s look like weak minded bitter fools who are so disorganized that after 6 years of planning you can only muster a tiny handful to stand in front of hq for 20 min on a date that has zero meaning for anyone in the org or in all of america.

    Way to be effective.

  • nonjwspouse

    Thebrokenkite. VERY nice writing! Please post more often!

    Your style is highly entertaining and effective.

    I feel sure the approach you decide upon for a possible reverse witnessing to the most vulnerable non witnesses will be excellent.

  • josephus

    I hope I can add something here.

    I an Neil (AKA The Great Apostate)

    I was really proud of our event and regret that their was any bad blood that may have kept people away.

    I appreciate the kind words about me but I am not and never will be a general in this war. I'll happily support an Army of grassroots exjws in any way i can. My personal preference is to get women to take the lead, at least in speaking as they suffered most in general and are more sympathetic to media and public alike.

    The organisers had zero interest in being leaders or even getting praise, in fact I took Joel aside to tell him to relax as many people needed to thank him and it was not the right thing to deny them the opportunity to do so.

    Parker did not inturrupt me as he didnt even know i had a speech, which was awesome! Anyone got a video? As for his book, which is quite gripping, the bugger refused to take my money despite trying several time to give it to him. He deserves praise and support in my book.

    We all did upload to our channels but to suggest some came for footage is incorrect. I spent 1k to get there, I know a lady who missed her rent and two guys who are living in cars but came anyway. Joel drove nearly 1000 miles to get there and made most signs. The youtube money ill get back is at MOST 25 dollars. In my book he and Parker are hero's.

    Before I end I want to mention Gilbert (the rain dancer) they aimed the water at him (and me) and he did what he felt was right. He'd never tell you but he has given a LOT of help to exjws around the world, both time and money and in my book he is a champion.

    Could we do better? Yup. Will we do better, hell yes! Will we do it the way you want, maybe but probably not as we'll be doing it. If you want to join us pick up a tool and start building with me.

    I don't come here much but will now and want to start by announcing my plan to do a protest in London next summer. It will be a bigger and better event and with luck get even more criticism! If you want to join in please stay tuned for further information.

    People think us youtubers are here for attention, believe me we get It! I get weekly suicide letters and death threats. I get people crying on my phone and i spent whole evenings trying to talk jws out of our cult, we all do. If anyone gets a hug for it im not bothered.

    Finally to the author. It was great meeting you mate. I'm am proud to have stood beside you and hope we can again soon.

    PS To the author, "Intelligent"? Me? Now you're pushing It!

  • Ruby456

    josephus thanks for taking the time to fill us in. as to here in London - I don't think so from me although there may be others who want it

  • Sugar Shane
    Sugar Shane
    And what's the funniest thing of all, is that you all are talking about it. That my dear is the point.

    Right on, Heather. My perspective is that of a non/never been JW. I hate all cults in general, and I see the common thread among them: shunning, broken familes, “we’re the ONLY true religion,” huge commitment. (waste) of time and/or money, wasted lives, brainwashing, suicide & depression.

    I see them as a cancer on society, and I believe that ANY action (nonviolent), which brings attention to a cult, is a worthy cause. Sure, it feeds the persecution complex of those already in the cult, which causes many to say, “why bother?” Just “live your life.” If I had been a JW, then I might share that mindset, out of a desire to stay as far removed as possible any memories of my association with them, or to distance myself from friends & family still in the cult. As an outsider, I see it more as informing the general public about this cult. The more publicity there is about their blood policy & needless child deaths caused by it, the better. The more publicity about their rampant child abuse coverup and their data-base of over 25,000 pedophiles, the better.

    People were talking about Scientology before Leah Remini stepped in, but she’s since taken it to a whole new level. The same needs to happen to the Watchtower, for the benefit of everyone.

    Sure, the rank & file cult member will pretty much nod their head up & down, lapping up whatever useless drivel pours out of their ‘dear leader’s’ mouth. BUT...if enough people make enough noise about it, then the cult leaders either change, runaway to a remote tax haven, or jump off a 50 story building. This, in turn, forces the rank & file to accept reality, or go insane. Kinda reminds one of the end of WW2, when the Nazis scattered, and Hirohito announced to the Japanese citizenry, that, in fact, he really WASN’T their GOD after all.

    @Heather, here’s a quote you might like: “Lead me, follow me, or get out of the way”—-General George Patton

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