Should it be called the disfellowshipping arrangement or the shunning arrangement.

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  • slimboyfat
    Yeah I'm marked though not DFed. I think. They're kind of sneaky about it. (Hi Henry if you're reading. Why not talk to me direct?)
  • Beth Sarim
    Beth Sarim
    The shunning arrangement bit seems just to fit just fine if you ask me!!
  • LouT8503

    Personally I'm a big fan of the 'You're no longer df'd, but we're still going to treat you like a leper' arrangement.

    This never happened to me, but I saw it many times.

  • WireRider

    I think one is to be harsh and as cruel as can be to someone that does not follow the indoctrination rules. Very bad people.

    The other is what they say to internal people to legitimize their actions and force them away from people. To justify their actions and convince others not to talk to them - or they may find out why they left and leave themselves.

    As a cult - you cannot allow cult members to every associate with those that leave and find out why.



  • WireRider

    I think one thing for everyone to remember - honestly I do - the Watchtower and their not-for-profit tax shelter of the Jehovah's Witness do not control YOU. Never have. You are, and always have been, free to believe and/or conform to any belief you want. There are no contracts. (I heard a couple - but that is complete BS.)

    Their power is over others - to make you feel bad - to get to/at you. You should never let them get to you. Talk to your friends/relatives. If they reject you because of the WT/JW - it is them under control.

    I'd call or drop by when ever - not my problem. I am not banned. Not control over me. I have no regard for them The don't control me.

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