Any drivers here recognise THIS scenario?

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  • The Fall Guy
    The Fall Guy

    A BBC News report about a "hit & run" victim.

    The "victim's" comments are laughable:

    "I know I'm partly to blame, (only partly?) and also you never know what idiots are going to be driving around."

    (as a driver, I know what idiots are walking around! A woman chatting on her 'phone stepped off the pavement/side-walk and almost pushed her baby's pram into my car )

    "The driver who fled the scene "needs to have a bit of a wake-up call".

    (yes dear, they need to be even more vigilant for oblivious idiots like you!)

    "A police spokeswoman said: "It is believed the woman was knocked unconscious after being in collision walking into with a vehicle that failed to stop."

  • Simon

    Try driving round Calgary ... idiot pedestrians, everywhere. It's made worse by having cars + pedestrians intended to go across the same bit of tarmac at the same time so if you're trying to turn right you have to watch for pedestrians and forget about assuming they won't cross when they don't have a walk sign. Apparently, if the sign is changing (when you are not supposed to cross) then what you do is run fast to get onto the cross walk and then slow to the slowest of saunters. Sometimes no cars move on a complete cycle of the lights which adds to congestion at rush hour. They should ticket people for their own protection.

    Now, for added brilliance, they have added bike lanes so when turning right you now also have to give way to cyclists who might be barrelling up from behind you. If someone said "how can we create an accident situation?" you'd be hard pressed to come up with something better.

    People have this mentality that they have right of way so just step out without looking, in front of trains and trucks. Some stop, some can't. There's usually a pedestrian hit by a train every month or so - despite flashing lights and bells, people just walk in front of them, staring at their phones.

    Some foolish people even assume that I will stop for them when I have the right of way. Silly people.

  • Ultimate Axiom
    Ultimate Axiom

    Yep, just as there are plenty of dumb drivers playing with their phones as they drive, there are a lot of dumb pedestrians too. I've seen quite a few on my motor bike over the years. Am I being sexist, or are young women the worst offenders? I was on holiday on the Spanish Mediterranean a couple of years ago, and as I was coming in from a swim a young woman was wading through the waves in front of me with her phone in one hand and tapping the screen with the other, earpiece in her ear. I found myself wishing a big wave would come and wash over her. Some people can’t even go for a swim without their bloody phone. What’s the matter with them!

  • Xanthippe

    Teenagers crossing the road in front of me, head down, texting, just stepping out without looking! Women with prams pushing the baby straight out to see if you will stop for them! I think they're just not drivers, they don't know just how stupid they're being.

  • zeb

    UA in the ocean as you say whats the matter with them.

    I was out on my bike and saw a young woman driving down the road for aprox 50 metres head down texting. Bloody phones they are a plague.!

    The NSW (Australia) Police trialed a new type of traffic watch camera that can see in the dark. They revealed 11,000 incidents of people texting or phoning while driving. The Commissioner was left appalled.

    People are so conceited they ant miss a moment of their silly little lives and who is saying what about who. and yes the biggest offender in my observation is young females. and an aside to this inane behavior is the irradiating of brains by their phones. I predict a massive increase in dementia s, early dementia s in the near future. Take a look in your phone hand book it will state in the fine print the potential dangers of use.

  • waton

    I know this is about phones, but one big hazard pedestrian on our roads create for themselves is the stealth clothing they chose to wear, particularly in the darkness , currently at a peak.

    It should be mandatory imho to have walkers wear reflective vests, at all times, even cars are mandated to have the lights on in daytime, to be seen ,--not to see.

    If you cant be seen, you could be killed.

    Yellow vests will also come in handy when our patience has been taken for granted for too long.

  • Diogenesister
    I think they're just not drivers, they don't know just how stupid they're being

    Exactly. I think non drivers trust drivers way too much. They estimate there are 1 million uninsured and unlicensed drivers
    in the UK right now. I know as two of them have backed into me on main roads due to not looking in their rear veiw mirror first 😯!

  • Wasanelder Once
    Wasanelder Once

    What about the moron pedestrians dressed in suicide black? Fools. Not a bit of bright color on them and they are invisible now that daylights savings is here in California. I swear I am going to inadvertently hit one for that reason. They are invisible in the dark.

  • Diogenesister
    Wat21should be mandatory imho to have walkers wear reflective vests, at all times, even cars are mandated to have the lights on in daytime, to be seen ,--not to see.

    Lordy do you know how many SKATEBOARDERS, many dressed in black/dark colours, I have seen in London skating on the main roads?!! Nuts!!No reflective gear, no helmet!

    I also think those low tow buggies on the back of bikes, fot babies, seem terribly dangerous. On the pavement, yes, glorious...healthy,environmental and so easy to get around if you have twins!!
    But bloody dangerous on the roads as they are so low I wouldnt risk my twins, as convenient as it would have been for me.

  • Incognigo Montoya
    Incognigo Montoya

    Ultimate Axiom, as a motorcycle rider myself, I have to agree with you. I have all but stopped riding here in the U.S. as people insist on texting while driving. I see it almost every time I'm out driving. Even tractor trailer operators, professional drivers, are texting while driving. It's insane. Like something out of a Stephen King novel, you look around and everyone around you is zombie like, heads down, looking at their damn phone. And pedestrians, dont even get me started. Bastards actually slow down when they get into a crosswalk, if they even use a crosswalk. And then there's the lovely BLM folks who have decided that they can just randomly stage protests, forming human lines, blocking main streets and highways, and the police just sit idly by, observing, afraid to arrest these fools...

    I have one of these on my truck, and it makes for great fun, eases the tension, and wakes fools up in a hurry!

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