Vaccine Deaths

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    Listen to the latest Podcast with DOCTOR Bret Weinstein. You can also read the very informative and PEER REVIEWED paper entitled “The safety of Covid-19 Vaccinations- We should re-think the policy.”

    Again, don’t just be lazy and absorb what you’re told by the Media. Get caught up and decide how many needless deaths are acceptable.


  • carla

    What should be a red flag to all ex jw's, is the suppression of information about the shots in general. The vilification of anybody who has an alternative point of view. Sounds exactly like current and past jw-ism to me.(ie-cult) Speak against the org/shots and you deserve to be shunned and thought of as 'mentally diseased'.

    If anybody could listen to Ron Johnson's press conference today and not be touched by the people who have been impacted by the vaccines must be emotionally retarded or psychopaths. These were ALL people who were and are pro-vaccine who had horrible results and are dismissed as mental problems or making things up. If you can't sympathize with their conditions how about their medical bills? who pays that? surely not the vaccine producers,so who does? I can tell you, us, by increased monthly bills to account for all those suffering. If you think the government is paying think again, where does the government get their money if they aren't just printing more? us.

    There is tons of information by highly qualified individuals who are sounding the alarm about the vaccines but are being silenced, having their funding pulled, fired from their jobs and vilified on social media and in the media at large. When free open discussion is not allowed there is a huge problem.

    The media could find out why people have 'vaccine hesitancy' and do some pieces, real truthful pieces, and go from there. Instead anybody who may have other issues due to immune issues, recent cancer/chemo issues, etc... and are in fact quite hesitant are 'nut jobs', 'anti-vaccine', not very well informed and so forth. I find it just the opposite, those who are hesitant do almost nothing but research and discuss the vaccines at large. The contrary is true of those who ran right out and got it, saw a news piece on mainstream news, gotta get the shot! The authorities (elders) told me to.

    If you have to lie to get people to go along with you that should be a red flag. Everyone on this board knows this. jw's lie to get people to join. They even re-defined the word 'lie' in the Aid book. You, who came to our homes, took our loved ones, knew full well you were not completely honest with the newby. You said they must join to fully understand. I understand, they were holding your family hostage, I get it. It is the same with the vaccine industry, you must get an experimental shot that the research has not worked on in over 10 years and then see how it goes. It has never been tested on humans for any length of time, all animal studies have been unsuccessful. Hope for the best, trust in jah, trust the so called 'science'. How about follow the money?

    I am so disappointed by those who vilify those who are hesitant especially in America where freedom used to mean something. I still see posts by those of you who are 'hesitant' about taking blood even though you are no longer a jw. Why should anyone honor that belief of yours or of jw's when the opposite is not true?

    Why can't we look at on main stream media see 17:24 the chart re: Drug Adverse Event Comparison (fda & cdc for those of you who will only look at those)?

    Just like the jw's and all their problems, the information is so large we need multiple sites like this, books, cd's, videos and maybe more ex jw's than current. So it is with vaccine information, only you have to dig, ask questions, even put yourself out there in uncomfortable places and letters to find more information than the main stream media is willing to give.

    I think some people may benefit from the vaccines and others who have had covid have natural immunity. It should be a personal choice in which neither is vilified. That is what freedom is, choice. To date not one researcher has proven that natural immunity is not as good as the vaccine nor as effective to variants be it natural immunity to original or the vaccines. (Moderna may be the exception, they really don't know, many who had Moderna are now also getting both shots of Pfizer just to make sure)

    I, for one, am tired of being vilified for saying anything 'bad' about jw's, even if it is true, and of being vilified even if hundreds of doctors/researchers/nurses and so forth are also asking the same questions about vaccines that are considered 'bad'.

    The day we can no longer speak freely and have inquiring minds is the day our society will die, in my opinion. We cannot grow if we are being stifled in thinking, speech and actions. (as long as we are not harming others, their properties nor stopping others from their (contrary) opinions, free speech non the less) that is worded poorly, hope you get my gist.


    According the Dr Weinstein (I happen to agree) nothing about the way these vaccines have been handled makes any sense at all to any objective expert, except when viewed from the goal of pushing as many vaccines as possible.

    The goal isn’t concern for the individual, and concern for the group doesn’t make sense either when the data, i.e, the above, peer reviewed data, is considered.

    It seems that certain institutions want to coerce as many people as possible to take these experimental vaccines. The end goal is the real question..

    Is it just for money??


  • LV101

    End goal -- CDC is a vaccine company pushing vacs making big bucks. Hopefully, Gates and his depopulation goals are hype. His college buddy, Fauci, was quite successful killing off thousands of AID vics (80s) not allowing tried/tested meds which are the therapeutics prescribed today to AID individuals.

    They've controlled the sheeple via fear for the political agenda/coverups and continuing even now with the Delta variant which has a death rate of only .1% per UK or WHO stats - possibly even less. Respectable medical indicates there are therapeutics for the Delta variant as there were all along for COVID 19 but fraud prevented their use in order to have approval for experimental vacs. Law only allowed the 'experimental' jabs with no legal accountability if there were NO therapeutics. Evil prevails - always.

    Hold on sheeple - there's more to come. In the meantime we're left dangling with fear/concern.


    Yes, one of the huge factors to consider is the refusal of the CDC and the FDA to allow repurposed drugs, many of which are far, far safer than the vaccines to treat Covid-19.

    As Weinstein said, it really seems like someone wants the pandemic to continue and wants as many vaccinated as possible. Current events and the data coming out only make sense when viewed through that lens.

    He would love to hear another theory as to why data seems to be ignored, why propaganda is rampart and why vaccines are being pushed.



    Dislike all you want. Go do some research..


  • Vidqun

    United Kingdom is encouraging people to take second booster in September. Wonder why? That means the jab and first booster's not doing the trick.

  • pistolpete

    It seems that certain institutions want to coerce as many people as possible to take these experimental vaccines. The end goal is the real question..Is it just for money??

    I think people are waking up and seeing that something is not right. On another site there were literally hundreds of posts that are now seeing the deaths rise of those who have taken the vaccine.

    Here is one post that caught my attention.

    "Some Doctor/ whistle blower said that people will start dropping like flies in about 2 years from the jab. Something to do with attacking the immune system. Kind of similar to HIV.

    makes me wonder if this was even close to as bad as the common flue. Regardless, no matter what, we got hosed and lied to.

    They stole the presidency,

    they ruined countless small business,

    they went on an all time largest spending spree bailing companies and failing Democrat states and cities out,

    they robbed us of our constitutional rights right down to freedom of religion.

    And we know from emails a lot of it was bullshit, yet they don’t respect us enough to fire Fauci.

    Black rock is implementing their precious Great Reset as we speak..

    they tried to roll out a system they called a vaccine passport, --but reports said it was created to hold our future digital cash and store our full medical records but we threw enough a fit, they realized it was a bit early to spring it on Us, but the fact is, that’s their intention.

    What the hell is going on? If we do t act now are we going to have those Holocaust member’s quote pinging around in our heads for not acting in time?

    What American’s would do this to fellow Americans.

    What evil is in them that causes them to want to rob us of our freedoms on so many levels?

    They are trying to kill off those people who will not side with them.

    Can we possibly share a country with these people?"

    I don't think so because eventually we will have to fight for our very lives.

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