Two pics of me coaching

by LB 16 Replies latest jw friends

  • gumby

    Hey Al,

    I don't think it looks like your profile pic at all. I thought you lookes diferent.....more like the profile I'm depressed. Just when you think you just get to know someone.............


  • slipnslidemaster

    I don't know which one is you...I don't see a black cowboy hat anywhere. I wanna see LB too waaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!

    I'm still Slippy from the Block

  • LB

    Yeah I don't wear the cowboy hat while coaching, bathing, scuba diving, boinking, sleeping or choking refs.

    But I do wear it while riding a horse or driving a flat bed.

  • Solace


    Awww,, There you are!See you!

    Maybe some dont know you since they are so used to seeing your smile.

    Next season, when you kick their as*es, you'lle be grinning from ear to ear and everyone will say, "Hey, thats Al!!!"

    So did you get the boys all cheered up by taking them to out to Hooters after?

    "Uhhhhh, what loss?"

  • Joyzabel

    A tie??????? you are wearing a tie!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Elsewhere

    You and your team are a professional looking bunch!

  • LB

    Those guys would have loved Hoosters. I'm not so sure their parents would appreciate me taking them there. Well some wouldn't mind.

    Yep, that's a leftover tie from the JW wars. I had been counseled a couple of times about those darn colorful ties with colored shirts. My standard response was "I'm trying hard not to look like a morman".

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