Two pics of me coaching

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  • LB

    I just got sent a couple of pics of me up at the state championships. Nothing special but I thought I'd put them here. You can find me in the pics. I'm the old nervous guy on the bench. Surprised they got me sitting, usually I'm up on my feet trying to help the refs.

    I am proud of my boys. They honestly played their hearts out and these pic are from the game we lost to the new state champions, Mohawk. Drives me nuts thinking about it. If there was a ball loose on the floor my kids were diving for it, giving up their body for that ball. Good bunch of kids.

    shoot, still in BB mode.

  • MrMoe

    Thanks for sharing! very cool!

  • Nathan Natas
    Nathan Natas

    Wow! That guy looks just like your Avatar!

  • patio34
  • xenawarrior

    Cool !!!!! Thank you for posting that LB !!!!!


  • LB
    Wow! That guy looks just like your Avatar!

    I've been told that I closely resemble myself on several occasions.

  • BeautifulGarbage
    usually I'm up on my feet trying to help the refs.

    That comment made me chuckle. Having coached soccer I can attest to some refs needing a WHOLE

    lot of help.


  • scootergirl

    Great pics, LB! Was fun chatting to you about bball. My daughter was embarrassed that I told you about her little "mix up" that you are a coach and all!

  • teejay

    Cool pics, LB.

    Didn't know you were a Coach. That has to be very rewarding, especially for someone like you who's level-headed (at least when the refs have a clue) and cares about people like you do.

    Just wondering: have you ever had to deal with out-of-control parents (of kids on your team or the other one) who thought you were being unfair in your coaching of their kids?

  • LB
    have you ever had to deal with out-of-control parents

    Since I live by a small town we have our fair share of out of control fans. The parents aren't so bad. Of course there are always those who think their kid should be playing more, starter, or something along those lines. I'm very honest with them about their kids abilities. One mom told me that she thought her son would be playing in the NBA eventually. She is wrong. He doesn't start and only gets in maybe half the games we play. When questioned I told her that while her son is my favorite (I always say that) and while he's the fastest kid and best jumper on the team he has a horrible shot outside of 10 feet, forgets the offensive plays all too often and plays defense like he doesn't care. Her mouth dropped. I told her that I would be glad to open the gym for him to shoot around anytime they want. That he had to concentrate more and until he hustles on defense like he should he would always be warming the bench.

    Anyway I've always felt being blunt is a good policy. No use having people wonder how I feel about something.

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